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mistajeff4887d ago

I'm on my laptop which for some reason can't stream video.. is there a score?

mintaro4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

Scores 9.5

@below: I did too, but still good score

thedisagreefairy4887d ago

but i expected a better review score from ign.

since they gave resistance 2 a 9.5 also

DasBunker4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

9.5... too low.. jk jk :)

dayum very impresive reviews so far... awesome. i think ill have to bump up uncharted and uncharted 2 in my priority list. (havent played U1!!)this looks like the real deal.

mintaro4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

It's not from AU, guy reviewing it is from IGN us

Stealth edit ftl

FlipMode4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

Video review before written review? Weird.

EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot

GOTY 2009

Triple'A'Station 3


4887d ago
Doctor_Doom4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

KUDOS for Naughty DOG. They did a Very Naughty Job

talltony4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

Same score as Resistance 2? really? They either should have given this a 10 or resistance 2 a lower score.

LiL T4887d ago

Just wondering what happened to the "above average" article which was 310° and on the front page and all of a sudden its afailed article. I guess someone is scuuuured of this game.

Carl14124887d ago

Oh no. IGN is biased. M$ moneyhatz. Should be 10/10

thegood334887d ago

LOL, everyone is already bringing up MW2, what does that have to do with anything? Must be afraid of it...You should WANT it to be great. Just because a game isn't exclusive doesn't mean it cant be GOTY

PixlSheX4887d ago

Yeah rlly nice score.
But idk.. i spect a 10 for MW2 since it's multi.

mal_tez924887d ago

You are missing out. Drake's Fortune is a must own.
The gameplay, story and production value is unrivaled, and it's my personal all time favourite.

josuttis4887d ago

Very low score.

The graphics are beyond anything other than Killzone 2.

The multiplayer is rock solid.

The gameplay is incredible.

The gigantic Blu-Ray provies incredible uncompromised audio quality.

It will be hilarious to see what crap they padded out their negatives list to keep the game out of the 9.7-10/10 range it really is in.

raztad4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

9.5 flop confirmed? /jk/jk :D

Why -0.5 though? I cant see the video.

Sometimes I find mindblowing that PS3 exclusive games need to be beyond anything else, beyond perfection to achieve a good score, and then we still are unsure of EDGE and some other PS3 haters reviews.

calis4887d ago

I'm getting a bit sick of people saying it should have been a 10 and it's 'my game of the year'.

No one here has played the game. Yes it will be amazing, but comments like the above are reasons why there are fanboys. It is ridiculous.

evrfighter4887d ago

zomg not a 10. M$ paid them off.

SDF has target locked. We're gonna need extra tissues.

heroicjanitor4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

They dropped the score by .5 because there wasn't a tutorial for stealth, which is pretty self explanatory... Don't be seen! From the video review it looks like they just chickened out of giving it a 10, or they gave halo odst a 10 and didn't want this 10 to take away from it. Either way this is better than resistance 2 and gears 2.

aceitman4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

they gave uncharted 1 a 9.1 your telling me with better graphics better story multiplayer and co-op they cant give it a 10 all that extra and it only gets 4 points higher. thats bull$hit ign whats wrong? you cant give a ps3 game a ten?!!!!!!!
uncharted 1 review

ReservoirDog3164887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

They said the only problem is an early stealth level. Oh well, perfect is boring right? Everything needs a flaw or weakness. Not that this is significant in anyway.

Everyone needs to buy this.

edit: I think I just quoted a line from Metal Gear Solid 1.

G3TDOWN4887d ago

this must get at least a 10

josuttis4887d ago

"They dropped the score by .5 because there wasn't a tutorial for stealth, which is pretty self explanatory... Don't be seen! From the video review it looks like they just chickened out of giving it a 10"

IGN is playing fanboy games.

These are the clowns who gave Killzone 2 a 9.5/10 for graphics...

And gave GTA4 a 10/10...

Cwalat4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

Wow, 9.5 that's a really great score! =)

I gotta say though, after all the über hype from IGN i didn't expect a score under 10, especially seeing as how kind they were to Resistance 2.

Don't get me wrong, 9.5 is a GREAT score. So i'm not bi***ing or anything... i'm just a little confused.

Can someone tell me if the video contains any spoilers or show something suspicious ?

deadreckoning6664887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

WOOHOOO, like I needed a review in the first place!!!

Relax guys, its not like were not gunna buy it cause it didn't get a 10(especially since none of us have played the full game yet). Idk about u guys, but I don't need a number assigned by ONE PERSON to tell me what ta buy.



LiL T4887d ago

WRONG! Ok maybe not the full game but i'm sure lots of people including myself have played or are still playing the beta and if other crappier games can get a 10 why shouldn't this one. Haters hate, Players play beyond. (that last part was not directed at you Calis jus wanted to say it)

meepmoopmeep4887d ago

can't come soon enough, i swear it's torture waiting.

meep's GoTY

"licked it, sticked it, put it in a box" (ps box that is)

Multi-Console Owner4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

Notice how U2's review came out 3 WEEKS before the game is released but ODST's is coming out 3 DAYS before release due to Bungie's strict review embargo. Shows you how confident ND and Bungie are in their games ;)

9.5 Presentation
Fantastic cutscenes tell a very good if not perfect story.

10 Graphics
Absolutely the best of the best these days. Your jaw will drop.

9.5 Sound
Great weapon effects, fantastic voice acting and a mostly brilliant (though sometimes overdone) soundtrack.

9.5 Gameplay
Great gunplay, stealth works very well (mostly), the puzzles are rewarding and, maybe even best of all, a killer online component.

9.5 Lasting Appeal
The game is give or take about 10 hours in length, which feels right, but then there's the multiplayer. Yes, you will be hooked.

Of course since ODST won't be seeing those scores, the 360 fanboys will start touting "TeH SaLzeZ!!!"

EDGE's U2 review will be coming around soon so they can lower their credibility even more...

GameStop better be doing a midnight launch! I still can't believe they didn't do one for MGS4! So biased...

MW2 looks meh so I'm sure I'll be more than satisfied with U2 and R&C! I'm just happy I get the choice of more than just MW2 ;)

EDIT: Here come the stealth disagrees and the trolls! Someone's jealous :'(

zeeshan4887d ago

I want to make an appeal to ALL PS3 owners who are reading this. Please buy this game. Support Naughty Dogs and Sony like you have never done before. Spread the word, tell your friends, relatives and even strangers on internet or gamers in BestBuy, GameStop, Walmart etc stores looking at the game's demo. Tell them that this has to be one of the greatest games ever and if they own a PS3, they should defenitely pick up this title WITHOUT having any doubt related to this game's quality. If they don't own a PS3, this game alone deserve any gamer's attention. If we gamers do not support such developers then you can bet your ass that they will stop putting this kind of an effort in their future games. Support developers who make these AAAAA quality games regardless the platform. Be it PS3 or 360. Just make sure you are spending your hard earned money on games that truely deserve it and UNCHARTED 2 is without a doubt one of those games and by all means should be on the top of your MUST OWN GAMES list.

Naughty Dogs, you have done an AMAZING job and I will support Uncharted 2 from all my heart and my wallet. Keep up the great work. It is guys like you who make a difference in video games entertainment. Keep the awesome work up!

chaosatom4887d ago

Earth-shatteringly awesome!

HolyOrangeCows4887d ago

Now it averages at 100/100 XD

No longer more than it's ONLY exactly perfect.

Immortal Kaim4887d ago

Bloody great score, I can't wait for this game.

IMO the scoring system of many major review sites has gotten to the point where their numbering system is totally irrelevant. Scores of 9.5-10 are being handed out like candy, which totally dilutes the scoring of top-tier games. I really feel like we need to start using 5 as the average again, anything higher starts to creep up in quality.

9-10 should be reserved for the absolute cream of the crop (which is obviously objective), and should remain as consistent as possible (a hard task given the various reviewers at a single establishment).

Myself, I am considerably harder on games than many commercial reviewers. Take Killzone 2 for example, I say that deserves about an 7.5/10, another smash hit Halo 3...maybe a 7/10. Gears 2 6/10 (online was terrible) and Uncharted 1 about an 8.2.

People might think that I'm being harsh (they might be justified in saying that), but I'm actually using the complete scale of 1 to 10 as it was intended.


heroicjanitor4887d ago

Although I wouldn't be as harsh, getting 9s is commonplace now and there are at least 20 games per year getting 9s, it devalues the system, although I would add a point or so to each of your scores there :)

sunil4887d ago

So 5 pts reduced cause the initial stealth help wasnt helpful... Again like I said IGN, Eurogamer and Kotaku will NOT give UC2 a perfect score.

calis4887d ago

"WRONG! Ok maybe not the full game but i'm sure lots of people including myself have played or are still playing the beta and if other crappier games can get a 10 why shouldn't this one."

A beta is just that, a beta. It still doesn't give enough information for people to be claiming it is their game of the year when they have played probably 1/30th of the game.

Jake11114887d ago

LMAO!!... I guessed the score EXACTLY!! 9.5.... This is the lowest of the low I have ever seen.

To give this game one point higher than SHADOW COMPLEX shows the level IGN will stoop to ensure MS doesnt present backlash with their advertisement dollars..

This type of journalism is not welcome in gaming today.

I played U2 beta. The beta alone presents something that no other game has achieved this far. I can only imagine the final version. Regardless it makes any 360 game look like Xbox1...

KUDOS TO SONY! Keep pushing through all this shady backdoor falsities that will eventually come to bite these journalists in the ARSSSSSSS!!

Lifendz4886d ago

Anyone see that video? It was one of the best videos of all time!

No but really, Uncharted 2 is amazing. I haven't played that and I can make that statement and not sound crazy. Sony gives me full AAA games for retail price while some companies release DLC for full retail price.

Cold 20004886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

I cant believe some people are complaining that it didnt get 10/10 but "only" a 9.5...

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LukaX234887d ago

I think we have a winner.

Bubble Buddy4887d ago (Edited 4887d ago )

i thought this was the actual review >.<, the video is just comparing Uncharted 1 and 2.

EDIT: my bad, you guys are right. I think Uncharted 2 already surpassed Indiana Jones 4 and probably 5 in terms of story. It's easily one of the best story telling games this gen packed with action and solid gameplay.

EDIT 2: and naw District 9 was solid.

Pandemic4887d ago

It is the actual review, just the video selection has changed.

Kamikaze1354887d ago

Did you not see the video?

MGOelite4887d ago

btw district 9 sucks balls

Daver4887d ago

district 9 was awesome...

Leadweight4887d ago

true true,indy jones 4 was a crude crude piece of cow pat!

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