New Super Mario Bros. Wii boxart, Walmart deal

A boxart for New Super Mario Bros. Wii has been released in addition to a great game savings deal for the game from Walmart.

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eagle213947d ago

What's taking Nintendo so long with a release date?

Quadrix3947d ago

Hmm, a lot of empty red space at the bottom. Doesn't look very professional.

live2play3947d ago

NOT ENOUGH YOSHI!!!!! ok ok maybe im biased against this cause i love yoshi i cant get enough of that dino! i know where im getting the game at midnight WALMART!!!!! first toys r us with 15$ gift card wiht scribblenauts 10$ with mario and luigi BiS now this wooo im saving loads. im getting A BOY AND HIS BLOB in toys r us wit my ectra 25$ woot!

akashifire3947d ago

I hope they remove or reduce that red box in the PAL release