Opinion: Xbox 360's Keys to Victory

The keys to victory are in Microsoft's hands, but turning that engine over and speeding away from the competition may prove difficult if the company doesn't take the necessary steps to guarantee* victory. Here's what should enable them to pull away and not look back...

* Guarantee not actually guaranteed. Offer void in Japan.

Microsoft has had a one-year head start, and they recently announced that they've shipped 11 million Xbox 360s worldwide. Their games portfolio got a major shot in the arm over the last holiday season thanks to Epic's Gears of War, which in January reached 3 million in sales. Microsoft's first-party offerings will be further bolstered by Mass Effect, Forza Motorsport 2, Blue Dragon and of course Halo 3. On top of that, more and more third-party titles, once thought to be PS3 exclusives, are heading to 360-GTA IV, Devil May Cry 4, Assassin's Creed, Virtua Fighter 5, etc.

Microsoft's Xbox business may not be profitable at this stage, but you can't deny that the company has made great strides in both market share and mindshare since entering the video game space back in November 2001. The Xbox 360 is in great shape, but to think that Microsoft has sewn up the console race simply because they're ahead with 11 million shipped (5.3 million sold in the U.S.) would be foolish.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4478d ago

would definitely be throwing gas on a already smoldering fire but more exclusives + a lower price wouldn't hurt.

gta_cb4477d ago

yeh dude deff wouldnt hurt =D also need the 65 chips!

Firewire4478d ago

Something very familiar about this....
Oh I got it, they said all this stuff, about the original
Xbox as well! Didn't happen back then, won't happen now.
It's nothing but wishful thinking by an xbot fanboy!

gta_cb4477d ago

and perhaps your just a fanboy or just a PS3 wanna own.

Bill Gates4478d ago

Here's one "key" that will surely catapult the 360 straight to the top,....

Include a TOWEL with every purchase of a 360....HAHHAHHAAHAHAHA...HA

marison4478d ago

You do not need more share to decide to include a towel on each box, I guess, or...

... are you got a kick in your butt recently after some mistakes?

I know some guys in the industry that have...

Just kidding, people!

That avatar inspires me!

BIadestarX4478d ago

Yes, I think Microsoft should include the towels... It makes perfect sense. Once the xbox 360 finish $h!tting all over the PS3 as is being doing month after months in terms of sales and games it can wipe it's @$$ with the towel.

gta_cb4477d ago

you are a fanboy thats all!

power of Green 4478d ago

Agreed!. I will add they(MS) needs to step up on the marketing; they need to get rid of that if you want it you know where to get it underground PC software attatude.

Odion4478d ago

1. GOW has 4 million sold not 3
2.its 11 million sold

gta_cb4477d ago

Gears of War i thought was nearly 5million! thats ALOT =D

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The story is too old to be commented.