Turn 10 Studio Update: Press Tours, TGS and FM3 Demo

Turn 10 Studio Update: Press Tours, TGS and FM3 Demo!

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GiantEnemyCrab4888d ago

Nice. I can't wait to give it a test drive next week!

JOLLY14888d ago

I just need my Fanatec wheel to get here!

KingKionic 4888d ago

yeah...this was talked about awhile ago.

Cant wait till the 24th .

retrofly4888d ago

Forza demo
MAG beta
Uncharted beta

So much fun and nothings been released yet :P

militant074888d ago

i really cant wait to see the amazing graphic and compare it to Forza 2 and see how far did Turn10 go :)

Jerry Seinfeld4888d ago

This is you last chance at getting a triple A title this year! Too bad you lost that PS3 to a pair a jacks. never could play very well Elaine.

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KingKionic 4888d ago

Oh my god it`s turn 10...
You guys must be proud of Forza 3 .

Jerry Seinfeld4888d ago

Did you not look up the definition of "definitive" before you went on stage at E3?

MetalGearRising4888d ago

The infinitive driving game made possible thanks to xbox360 with High Definition Graphics and Advanced Processing Unit which is capable of DX 11 features its only a matter of time before the competition is blown away.

fafoon4888d ago

Pass the smoke over this way
Numb Nuts

Dutch Boogie4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

You're trying too hard mate lol. Let the game speak for itself.

But then again that's all the 360 is. All talk no substance. Last decent game was Gears 2 in 2008. Man that suck.

Aquarius4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

Hopefully it doesn't start melting the 360.

Otherwise that will be a MASSIVE EMBARRASMENT for Microslut.

EDIT: OmarJA, I killed the monkey with my flame ;)

OmarJA4888d ago

"Pass the smoke over this way"...

*Looking @ Dutch Boogie's avatar*...


talltony4888d ago

To see how good it actually is.

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MetalGearRising4888d ago

2010 marks the day MS strikes back with a all new Engine (X-ENGINE) which is known to use some DX 11 features which were dormant and not used by developers Halo Reach will be the first of many xbox360 games to use such features and which no other console will be able to surpass.

Aquarius4888d ago

HALO REACH is coming in 12 months

You think M$ can take a year of beatings? :)

thebudgetgamer4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

yea but you will probably need 5 disks.

edit: but serious im glad microsoft isnt going to be so dependent on the unreal engine.

edit2: dont they only have like 5 first party studios?
most of the really big exclusives are third party games. its not me bashing the 360 im just tired of that engine.

Pizzagaki4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

Why would it be on 5 disc's, if you claim something, come with measurable facts.

Otherwise youre just making assumptions, and assumptions are fail.

Btw, MS never relied on the unreal engine, only third party devs use the unreal engine, all first party devs make their own engines.

Howabout Mass effect and splinter cell in Q1, and Alan wake in Q2.
Ms will do fine in 2010 with its lineup, its going to be a chainreaction of awesome!

thebudgetgamer4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

i dont care if the games are on ten disks as long as their fun.

pizza: fair enough i understand and agree.

Pizzagaki4888d ago

K thats cool then.
Mind you tho, no non rpg ever came on more then 2 disc's on the 360.

Only rpg's did.
Even a huge game like rage will be on 2 disc's only.

KingKionic 4888d ago

The unreal engine is a great engine and it has helped :

Mass effect
Gears of war
Lost odyssey
Wolverine orgins
Unreal tournament
Mortal combat vs Dc
Shawdow complex
Mirrors edge
Rainbo wsix vegas

Look very good .

Even new games like

Mass effect 2 have shown some amazing improvements in the engine .

Pizzagaki4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

@Aquarius below
Sure i am, come with measurable facts, or il just laugh at your face.
Like i said before, assumptions are fail, but your even lower then an assumption, your just a troll.

See, you fail so hard i was even able to go back in time, and post this reply even before you posted your remark.

Thats not the engine its fault, if a game is crap, its crap, the engine wont change that as its just a tool to create a game.
An engine wont turn bad developers into a good developer or vice versa.

thebudgetgamer4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

but how many game that use the unreal engine are crap?
im willing to bet its way more then the games you listed.

edit: thats odd i posted after Aquarius but im above him.

pizza: you make good points i cant argue with that.

KingKionic 4888d ago


There are more games that dont look good that the unreal engine used.

Every game from unreal engine cant be good but it has helped many devs get games on consoles .

KingKionic 4888d ago

Bioshock 2 doesn't look better then the first ?


thebudgetgamer4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

i just think if everyone is using the same tools games will start to become to similar and cuts into creativity.

in an unrelated matter bioshock 2 looks like its going to be wicked fun.

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