IGN Interviews Prince of Persia Classic Producer Vincent Boiteau

IGN's Hilary Goldstein spoke with POP Classic Producer Vincent Boiteau about what is easily the most exciting XBLA release so far this year. Boiteau discusses what's changed, the new modes and the Achievements waiting to be unlocked.

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dachiefsman4271d ago

I haven't really purchased many arcade games but this one looks like it will give out plenty bang for the buck! It also doesn't hurt to be a fan of the series!

PhinneousD4270d ago

'back to the basics' is always a good thing. there should be more 3d-2d games.

Close_Second4270d ago

Looks like they have really over hauled the visuals. Why can't they do that with more of the games on XBLA. Some of the crappy arcade releases have hardly been worth downloading the demo for.