CraveOnline: Demons Souls hands on preview

Crave Online: The dilemma I face as a videogame reviewer hinges on the fact that despite my love for the medium, I suck at playing the games. In all fairness suck is an overstatement to some degree. It seems like about five years ago I stopped being good at playing games, though my love for them has not diminished, just my skill. Keeping this in mind I faced a unique issue doing a run through of Demon's Souls for the PS3, the game is certainly difficult, but how much of it was the game and how much was my total lack of skill?

In order to properly gauge the difficulty level of the game and the fun factor I enlisted the help of a skilled gamer to take turns playing through the game, this is the final verdict.

I've played hard games before, and for the most part hard games aren't particularly fun, but conversely Demon's Souls is a blast to play difficult or not. Graphically speaking the game is very solid, the colors and graphics set the mood and the lighting is spot on. The sound effects can only be described as haunting and visceral. Visually the game is a gem.

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