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TPG writes: "Arkanoid is strangely enough the remake, or re-envisioning, of the classic original Arkanoid arcade game released back in the 1980s. Bet you never saw that coming eh? Simply put, Arkanoid was and still is stupidly addictive and great fun to boot. The concept is extremely simple: you are a space ship (or a paddle for the less fancy way of putting it) who has to bounce a ball up the screen to clear the blocks above it so as to clear the level. Things are complicated by obstacles such as blocks that can't be cleared and the fact that you lose a life if you miss bouncing the ball skywards. Think of it as a little like Pong but with things to hit, very simple to play but it really does keep you hooked."

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wondroushippo3944d ago

Y'know, Taito have done a fantastic job with their iPhone games - Space Invaders Infinity Gene in particular was fantastic, and Bust-a-Move & Arkanoid were both solid productions. Love to see a publisher supporting the platform.

bgrundman3944d ago

Yeah, I bought Space Invaders instantly, so this was another no brianer.

Haly3944d ago

Taito have been doing a fantastic job lately, kudos to them!

roblef3944d ago

Used to play Arkanoid on our Apple IIGS back in the DAY. My dad will love that it's on my iPhone. :)

supercharger51503944d ago

oh sweet sweet sweet!
I need a couple new iphone games

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