Crackdown - Infinite Jump Video

The single most amazing thing ever has been discovered in Crackdown using the new "Keys to the City" mode... The Infinite Jump!!! You have to see this video for yourself. I literally got goosebumps watching it. There are so many possibilities in this game that the only limit is your imagination. Keep discovering new and creative things to do in Crackdown and benefit the human race.

Thanks to Du Val AK47 and Wimpy Dave for making the video.

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thatdude4485d ago

gonna try this right now!!!!

elliot_4485d ago

whatta could this have at least 5 approves?

at least its cool:P

gta_cb4484d ago

i know its insane! lol

FeralPhoenix4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Yeah I download the keys to the City and its basicly like one huge "customizeable" cheat code, that you can turn on and off at anytime....I advise you to beat the game first because once you get a taste of keys to the city, you don't really want to turn back to the normal game IMO, it allows you to just create so much havok and do so many over the top, wild, & crazy stuff, its really fun. I think one of the best features is letting you "spawn" a Agency vehicle anywhere at anytime.....and in multplayer online your buddy can hop in with you, while you roll around thes city causing mayhem. Go try it.

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The story is too old to be commented.