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Modus of writes about the lack of the typical buzz/frenzy with the looming release of a new Halo game. With Bungie not keeping the usual wraps on the development of the project it seems like most of the surprise of a new Halo game has been lost.

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aldesko3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Doesn't it have over 1 million preorders? People must be hearing about it somewhere...

I don't think anyone as hyped for this as they were for Halo 3 or 2 because those games were new experiences and ODST is an extension of an older one. Halo Reach will probably get everyone hyped up like crazy again.

Lou-Cipher3947d ago

That is what a 25 million dollar advertising campaign can do for a game.

If Halo ODST had the same amount of advertising that Halo 3 had, then you would see it sell 10 million as well.

He11, Haze or any other crappy game could have sold 10 million units with a 25 million dollar advertising budget.

3946d ago
Peter North3946d ago

It is because Halo ODST is nothing more than another Flop game for the Flopbox.

Moduserous3946d ago

Hmm... you make an excellent point...

What do you consider a good game?

keysy4203946d ago

it will be good but to be great it has standards that it cant live up to .