OXCGN'S Forza 3 September Update #6 – 250 gig Ferrari Madness

OXCGN covers three major Forza 3 updates in one article. Including a video interview with pro racer RJ De Vera on his involvement during the game's production, information on the Forza 3 Super Elite 250 gig Xbox 360 bundle and dozens of screenshots of Ferraris.


"As I mentioned in a previous Forza 3 update, there was talk of a Forza 3 Super Elite 250 Gig Bundle that appeared on Amazon and a South African retail website. It has been confirmed for South Africa so far, no doubt more to come very soon, expect an announcement within the next 24 hours.

Here in Australia however, we have yet to have any confirmation of that, as according to my little birdie friends, who often send me nice little tit-bits via carrier pidgeon, we have yet to have any announcement within the channels here or artwork being commissioned that would show we would be getting that bundle.

Considering one of my little birdies works on the actual boxing and in-store goods etc, I'd have to trust their word on the matter, especially considering if boxes are needed for Australian/New Zealand stores, which they would be, and they do the artwork, then they'd know. But nothing – YET! – Soon as I find out, I'll certainly let everyone know."

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JOLLY14818d ago

You never say anything about the ps3, just bad stuff about the 360. Do you still not own a ps3? They are cheaper now. Are you still too poor?

Snoogins4817d ago

Relax, JOLLY1. He's just a troll and trolls only do what they do because they enjoy the responses. I personally find Peter North hillarious! Focus on what you like and share it with the fellow gamers who share your passion. Oh, and don't feed the troll. lol

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XboxOZ3604818d ago

Bubbles to you Jolly hehehe 10 points . . Vid looks impressive I must say, getting more and more keen on this as the weeks go on.

I can see this one will gobble up a significant wedge of my time when not working on the site . .

JOLLY14818d ago

I am so excited for this game. When I got to play the final build, I was just so excited. The 24th (demo day) can't come soon enough!

XboxOZ3604817d ago

If you've played the final code, then you'd have to agree, the vids and in-game screens just do not do the game justice - do they.

In-game off-screen vids and images simply can not show any game to its fullest, and this games on of those that a person needs to see it and play it in the flesh to appreciate the effort that has gone into it.

XboxOZ3604818d ago

It's getting better and better each week. Imagine, even modeling the lug-nuts on the wheels and the sidewalls of the tyres, now that IS extreme details.

Check the interiors out and the textures on the wheels, damn fine stuff actually.

But the biggest part is the community, it's huge, and will explode when the game hits the tar . .

REALgamer4817d ago

Previous emplyoment:

Turn 10 - Development of Forza 3
Job position: Lug nut modeller

jib4817d ago

not bashing on forza here as im a very very big forza fan but modeling lug nuts aren't actually the hardest thing to do with 3d modeling

beardpapa4817d ago

you know I spotted really mentioning the lug nuts regarding the gamersyde video. I checked them out but which one's the vid w/ this "lug nut" shot? Or is that some screenshot instead?

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