Anime Portraits Restored In Star Ocean: The Last Hope International?

From Siliconera - "Square Enix didn't highlight the original look as one of the features, but a battle screenshot with anime portraits was also included with the announcement. The official site, specifically the page that mentions manual targeting with the start button, has battle screens with anime art too.

Did Square Enix quietly add an option to switch between CG models and anime art? If so, the anime look is a new feature for North America."

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Peter North3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

The Xbox 360 couldn't even handle Anime portraits, the RRODbox continues to prove its worthlessness to the videogame industry.

Natsu X FairyTail3954d ago

why did tales of vesperia have them then?

Godmars2903954d ago

So stop tempting me! Stop making me click on every SO4 related story!

JoelR3954d ago

buy it... you'll like it :-)
it only is a small taste... it won't cost you your career or life
come on...
just a little taste....

Grimm103954d ago

They scaled down the graphics and content for the 360 beta version so the console could handle the game and anime portraits at the same time.

Thankfully the for the PS3 version they were able to put back in all the extra content because the console could handle it.

Thanks for the beta test PLZFIXME owners.

catch3954d ago

I hope this is an option I like the look of the anime portraits much better