Sony and Apple Partnership Rumor a Blunder

Rumors have been quickly spreading of an Apple and Sony partnership after a member at spotted a glimpse of the Apple logo on the PS3 website.

The original post read "On the official PS3 website, click on "Specs" or "Gallery" and then click back in your browser and you'll see an Apple logo fade in and out quickly in the middle of the PS3 console in the image."

After some quick dissection of the Sony flash website interface, Apple fans and advocates came to the conclusion that Sony simply used a trial version of the program "Shake" developed by Apple. As a result, the Apple "Shake" logo was rendered in the background of the flash page. The designers of the Sony website were not aware of the logo appearing on the page at the time.

You can check out StreamVideo14 to see the original Apple "Shake" render used on the Sony website.

So to clarify, there will not be an Apple and Sony partnership. It would appear that this is just an error on the part of the Sony web designers. Kotaku has already said that he will be looking into it further.

Update: Joystiq posted an article on this topic aswell, here is a little snippet from a conversation they had with Sony PR.

"We called Sony's PR and, after a few tries, they finally saw it, too. They were as surprised as we are. After finally seeing it, their response: "that's f---king funny." The PR firm is looking into it. We'll keep you posted as the story develops."

Joystiq is also looking into this matter further and believes that Apple "Shake" did infact simply leave a watermark.

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OutLaw5798d ago

I was hoping to see what Sony was doing since MS is coming out with their own Ipod rival this christmas

kingboy5798d ago

lol things would have heat up more

Lucidmantra5796d ago (Edited 5796d ago )

I just think it is funny Sony used a demo to do anything and got bit by a watermark. Someones getting fired. They should have just got on Limewire or emule and downloaded for free LMAO. /sarcasm off.

TheMART5795d ago

Yeah Fony, we do need more blunders! The more, the better. I am laughing my ass off with those funny guys

Listen to this guy, it's hilarious

OutpostCommand5795d ago theres a thought.
Everything I own is either Apple or Sony anyway.
It would be real class if Apple and Sony joined together to fight 'The evil'.
Lol..the two of them could join together and produce a super computer !
Mwa ha aha ha aha ha aha ah...and I wake up...

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