OXCGN Crosses The Badlands – Borderlands Sydney Media Event

OXCGN covers the Borderlands press event in Sydney, Australia and provides insight into how the game is shaping up as we near launch. Exclusive footage and photographs compliment the story.

"I was somewhat sceptical about Borderlands after it changed direction some months ago.

Though a huge fan of realistic style First Person Shooters, I didn't like the look or feel of Shadowrun, or other similar 'sylised' games, so I was disappointed when I saw the huge change in art direction.

I would rather that the shooter immerse me with realism than try and make it a comic book style of shooter. However, I must say, that after attending a recent Borderlands showing, and having some hands on time with the single player and co-op, I'll be sticking this game in my Santa Stocking this year.

It's best if Randy Pitchford and crew walk you through the game in co-op made, discussing the little things no one but he could. So do check out both part 1 and part 2, which gives you around 30 mins of Borderlands gameplay exclusive to OXCGN."

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darkmurder3951d ago

This game looks so awesome.

cornfedgamer3951d ago

Cell shading works great if it's done right. It makes a game seem more like a moving work of art. Cartooning a character up can also help w/ the uncanny valley.

REALgamer3951d ago

However I'm excited about it. My 2 favourite genres (FPS and RPG) combined as one for the first real time since Deus Ex 2.

Can't wait, and I for one love the new look of the game. Adult-styled cell-shading is awesome!

cornfedgamer3951d ago

Yeah, I think this game just jumped up in my "To Review" list for the City Weekly.

XboxOZ3603951d ago

Like I said in the article, I was very worried about it when I heard and saw the changes, and almost did a scathing article on it as well. But decided to count to ten, then settle back and see what happens.

I hated Crackdown's style, which btw, has gone the other way in Crackdown 2, and gone for a realistic approach, funny that eh! so I was veryiffy about Borderlands, but that has all been put aside now that I've had a chance to spend about an hour in the Single Player, and have a bash at the Co-op as well.

GrathiusXR3951d ago

I LOVED Crackdown in the sense of the art syle that it went it suited the game 100% if it had proper realistic graphics like say GTAIV, inFamous then the game would just have been another open world sandbox game and nothign special. It differentiated itself from teh pack..

When i read that Borderlands went Cel-Shaded i loved it even more. I commened Gearbox for doing this as now their game has easily entered the comedic approach which is excellent and great to see in most games.

The marketing they have done for this game would not have suited it if the game was not cel-shaded.

cornfedgamer3951d ago

That's a good point, about the marketing matching the artistic style. But I agree. And taking the cell-shaded/humorous approach was a smart move considering the games that are also releasing the same week. It will help Borderlands stand out.

Godem3951d ago

It looks interesting.. but I think ill wait for the bargain for this one... to many games are starting to come out now.

cornfedgamer3951d ago

That's very true, but it's a great problem to have!