Akihabara Buys: The Rarest Games For Nintendo's Failed 64DD

Wired: Here are two of the most obscure slash notorious games that Nintendo ever made in Japan.

In 1999, towards the end of the Nintendo 64's lifecycle, Nintendo released the long-awaited 64DD add-on. Having promised for years that this disk drive would change the way we play games via the rewriteable magnetic disk media, Nintendo instead snuck the thing out with only a few titles, and only in Japan. I'm not quite sure why it didn't just cancel the device altogether, but at any rate, it's one of the more interesting pieces of Nintendo obscurity for those of us who were poring over videogame magazines, reading about the purported wonders of the 64DD, back in the day.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to buy the 64DD and its launch games for about $250, and did so. The 64DD was mostly sold through an online service called Randnet, and users bought the hardware alongside the complete set of games: Four creativity apps in the Mario Artist series, Sim City 64, an expansion disk for F-Zero X, the Randnet online disk, and Doshin the Giant (later ported to the GameCube).

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