Street Fighter IV sequel news imminent

Capcom's Natsuki Shiozaw is teasing some Street Fighter IV sequel news.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3950d ago

I have a strong feeling this "sequel" is just the heavily rumored Championship edition of the game said to be announce at TGS which features DeeJay, T. Hawk, Ibuki, Dudley, Makoto, Adon, Cody and Guy plus two new characters. I hope its true, I want to play as Cody in SFIV.

ZBlacktt3949d ago

How are you doing on the SFIV's trophies? Man, hard is an understatement on hard setting, lol. You need reflexes of a cat and eyes of an eagle. Even still, you'll see your moves canceled out so the computer can just own you time and time again. Not fun.

Dragun6193949d ago

Yes! Street Fighter IV 3rd Impact Alpha Turbo! Can't wait!

Myst3949d ago

I want Elena! Yeah some say they really like the Roster of Street Fighter IV and I can definitely see where they are coming from (Although Seth I don't like all to well) though I would not mind if some previous fighters were to return for others' usage. I personally would just like to see Elena and Capoiera return, one of my favorite fighting styles along with Taekwondo

zeeshan3949d ago

I think it'll probably be a DLC rather than a whole new game!

Baka-akaB3949d ago

heavily rumored ? Sounds more like some people's hope to see sf3 included , wich i doubt will happens

jahcure3949d ago

I'm at 73% and counting on the trophies...just missing the 500 games online then everything else is offline trohpies (i'm at 378ish with 280ish wins)I need to get the trial trophy mainly as that one is a beotch...

njr3949d ago


I hope its DLC.

Redempteur3949d ago

NO more dlc for SF4 please ...

ZBlacktt3949d ago


amn bro, your doing way better than I, lol... Awesome job!

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TheDeadMetalhead3949d ago

If anything, Capcom should just release the new content as DLC instead of making a whole new game out of it. It's not 1992 anymore. ;o

Gamer_Politics3949d ago

SF4 has to be one of the worst games in the whole franchise...

3949d ago
Major_Tom3949d ago

Capcom just refuses to make new IP's.

Pizzagaki3949d ago

Lost planet, Dead rising, thats at least two new ip's they made this gen.

Baka-akaB3949d ago

Seeing how they've mostly done new ips lately , and wont do sequels yet to many games like breath of fire ... i find that to be a load of BS .

NoBias3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

of the people who are just too slow on the sticks to be effective at SFIV (and probably the fighting genre in general).

So they come here and bash it... Sad

Just because you blow doesn't mean the game does.

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And Sean. We need those two characters back. Sean to go head to head against Dan would be EPIC.

ForNgoods3949d ago

the only thing capcom will give them is tat. vs Cap which is a great consolation prize.

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