Full Diablo 3 Skill Trees has compiled some very artistic representations of the skill trees for all four Diablo 3 characters, with all the skills labeled, as seen in the BlizzCon build last month. Blizzard has never released these images, and these are the only comprehensive source of information on all of the skill names, locations, tiers, and prerequisites.

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Xulfxulf3942d ago posted rough versions of these, created from notes and images they took at Blizzcon, and their artistic fans created the polished, visually-pleasing final results. A nice example of teamwork in the fansite community.

Leord3942d ago

Pretty good. I suppose no official trees are anywhere to be seen for quite a while... :(

Christopher3942d ago

I still don't see why this game couldn't be published in 2010, let alone the first half of 2010.

Xulfxulf3942d ago

Blizzard doesn't like to show the interfaces and such while the game's under development. which is silly when 20k fans play it at Blizzcon, but it's just how they are. these look as good as the real game ones do anyway. and all the info is exact and correct.

Xulfxulf3942d ago

they did reveal one version of the barbarian's tree months and months ago, and of course totally changed how the trees are set up and designed shortly afterwards, making that one screenshot totally obsolete.

SCFreelancer3942d ago

@XulfXulf: its not that strange. The interface is the most eye catching thing of the game. It is "always" visible. I can also imagine that they only want to test the functionality and leave the polishing of the UI for later when they are satisfied with the mechanic.

mfwahwah3942d ago


Blizzard releases games when they're ready. That's why.

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Redrudy3942d ago

Ahh much better. I have a clearer idea of what is going on now.

moondragon3942d ago

Nice, i am allready planning my first character

Leord3942d ago

Much will happen before release though...

Recka3942d ago

OH WOW that's AWESOME! So can't wait for it to come out now :3

Chazmers3942d ago

looks good just hope D3 runs on my PC

Leord3942d ago

Well, they will aim to make it as low end as possible. Unless you have a really old machine, I think you'll manage.

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The story is too old to be commented.