Tomb Raider Anniversary will be released on Wii.

Eidos has just confirmed that Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition will also arrive on the Nintendo Wii. Any special features are unknown, but it should resemble the ps2 game.

For the first time, the players will be able to control Lara thanks to the magic stick of Wii. Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition is announced for release this year on the Wii.

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BlackIceJoe4486d ago

Then I have to wonder how much longer it will be before a 360 and PS3 version come up. If I was not mistaken Sony really was pushing and asking Eidos to make the game only for the PS2 and PSP. But said it was ok with a PC version. So then with Tomb Raider not just staying on the PS brand how long will it be until a 360 version comes. Because Legends sold the most on the 360.

PS360WII4486d ago

Pretty cool. Seems a lot of devs are using the 'it's also coming out on Wii' statement these days ^^

ItsDubC4486d ago

This was actually one of the few games I was hoping would be ported over to the Wii (I don't usually hope for ports).

Odiah4486d ago

Another fookin PS2 port, lazy devs.

grifter0244486d ago

Eidos destroyed this franchise. People say it was good it was good, I remember a long time ago when "Legends" was going to be the best of the best, was They destroyed this franchise and it's just going downhill from here on in, This game will probably be as bad as Dark Angel. So sad to see the lead heroine become a bargain bin queen.

PS360WII4485d ago

well it's a remake of the first. Back when it was good, so who know this one might be the cream of the crop