Health risks in adults linked to Gaming.

The October 2009 edition of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has published an article which claims tests have shown that there are "measurable correlations" between playing video games and increased health risks.

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wxer3944d ago

LOL @ that pic
can you PLZ send it to me in full size ??

on topic
this is not news
its a blog

wonderbanana3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

How is this not news? :) Its based on an October 2009 scientific news article reporting the facts which are detailed. :)

JoelR3943d ago

the real question is...

Is being a gamer the cause of the issues or a symptom of the issues.
I lean toward symptom - if your depressed it's easier to socialize with a game then with other people.

Chuck-Norris3942d ago

Studies have shown that an individual can choose whether to live a healthy lifestyle or not. Also as an individual you are capable of deciding how much time you sepend on a certain activity and its not the products fault rather the individual's. Scientists were shocked at the results.

Peter North3943d ago

There is a serious cause of concern if an adult has an Xbox in his or her household.

Marcello3943d ago

Oh well! gotta die of something may aswell be gaming :P