SEGA handled Bayonetta PS3 port, not Platinum Games

Bayonetta will make a PS3 and Xbox 360 playable appearance at this month's TGS, but Platinum Games explains why there might be differences between each versions.

Some gamers have been worried over how the performance of the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta would turn out, especially following a limited showing of the game and a negative report from

The Xbox 360 version of Platinum Games' title had been the only build shown until GamesCom in Cologne, where the PS3 version demonstrated a slightly shaky framerate. However, the developer has been adamant that both titles would be nigh on identical by the time of their day and date release in the Spring of 2010.

The developer's president and CEO, Tatsuya Minami, has now approached the question of the game's multiplatform development before its appearance at this year's Tokyo Games Show.

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techie3942d ago

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Sad to hear it's a port to the PS3 though.

AKNAA3942d ago

"With Bayonetta, we created the Xbox 360 version of the game first, and then handed off all the data and other assets to SEGA so they could begin the process of porting Bayonetta to the PS3"

oooh, Just great... I was excited about this game, but now this worries me.

Panthers3942d ago

SEGA has gotten better recently, but yea, this is not a good sign.

jack_burt0n3942d ago

sonic unleashed was a technical abomination imo

gaffyh3942d ago

Oh God this is an epic fail.

Simon_Brezhnev3942d ago

Either way it dont really matter. We have God of War 3 next year.

Christopher3942d ago

Really gotta question why any developer is still porting from the 360 to the PS3 during parallel development cycles. It's understandably easier and will result in better performance across both if you develop on the PS3 and port to the 360.

ceedubya93942d ago

it will turn out fine. There really should be no excuses for bad ports after all this time of working with these consoles.

EpsilonTeam3942d ago


OFF TOPIC: Man, after seeing your avatar you made me ate one all by myself.

zeeshan3942d ago

That's it, there is the problem. Porting games from 360 to PS3. That's where things just don't work. They should either work on both the platforms or create it on PS3 first and then port it to 360 so if they need to down grade a thing or two, they could do it. PS3 has so much power and capacity to hold data, it's developers who are being lazy! Why? I just can't figure that out.

andron3942d ago

There just isn't room on the PS3 for shoddy ports anymore, so Sega better step up and deliver...

SCThor3942d ago will run, but not as good as it could be.

I think I'll pass this game :(

If SEGA want my hard earned money, have to make a game, like recent developers, using the best specs (RAM,HDD space,etc) machine first and then porting it to the other.

techie3942d ago

EpsilonTeam - Here to inspire :)

Redempteur3942d ago

Sonic unleashed PS3 lacked the right polish ...

The game wasn't buggy by any means but there were clearly parts where the game wasn't optimised ... In bayonneta case this worries me a lot Since they began the porting Soooo late WITHOUT the original team to help them ...

I'll be following the Ps3 reviews to see if i'm worrying too much ..BUT ..
i can't help but worry

nycredude3942d ago

Definitely lost a sale here man. I was already on the fence as this game looks way too over the top for me. Now this just helps my decisions. There are just way too many good games out to spend money on a crap port.

ultimolu3942d ago

My heart just sunk for this game.

Blaze9293942d ago

They might as well just make this an xbox 360 exclusive then. That ps3 port will fail and from reports from hands on of the ps3 version it sounds like so.

raztad3942d ago


To make this game xbox exclusive is not a smart move. First off game is a new IP and second game is not a shooter.

What they need to make sure is Bayonetta PS3 is up to standard. I wasnt very interested in this game but now I'm totally skipping it, unless SEGA do an awesome job with it.

I think NGS2 will keep me entertained till GoW3 landing.

Megaton3942d ago

Sad, I really wanted this game. Can't believe there are people out there who still haven't learned not to port 360 -> PS3.

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mastiffchild3942d ago

Oh dear. Looks like the PS3 version is going to be a poor relation here. Doesn't matter who does the port as we've seen what happens when it isn't the same people who actually made the game in the first place haven't we? Orange Box anyone?

I know we're much further into this generation and multis are usually pretty much identical but they seem to be preparing for the worst here and after the shonky first showing this could be a game PS3 only gamers might want to be careful over.

Sega might have done great work on the PS3 but(corret me if I'm mistaken) isn't Bayonetta UE3? We've had some poor results when UE3 games have been made on 360 then ported to PS3 and with the makers handing this over it doesn't look good. Hope I'm wrong as up to now I've had great respect for Platinum but if this is a bad port then I blame them-you shouldn't hand over your game to someone else if they can't make it just as good as the one you made elsewhere, should you? Admitting, already, that they'll be different is really poor, imo, when the stated aim of this, and practically every other, mp game is parity.

AKNAA3942d ago

Bayonetta looks to good to be using the UE3.

mastiffchild3942d ago

I know AA is UE3 I was referring to cases when the port hasn't been done by the devs begind the game inm the pasr and with UE3 ports from 360 to PS we've seen poorer results than we should and the two things together could well mean trouble esp after the first showing of Nayonetta PS3 was weak.

thereapersson3942d ago

Porting games from the 360... I thought this archaic process had all but disappeared?

Redempteur3942d ago

i believe they've done it on PC and then ported it on both 360 and ps3 .

But in this case they added small touches to use the hardware .. on Both systems

Raider693942d ago

This process of porting will never disappear by the simple fact that its easy and cheaper and takes less resources to port a game from the 360 to the PS3!Even if developers take the other way around and port PS3 to 360,the PS3 cost of production will still be bigger than the other way!Been a small starting company PLATINIUM GAMES dont have the budget to have two teams working on different specs of hardware.

lloyd_wonder3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Lawl. Watch this game flop in Japan on the PS3 and in general, where it could have sold pretty well in relation to the Xbox version. Plat Games disappoints...

Elven63942d ago

The only thing holding me back from buying it is the suggestive cover. Buying a game with a female on the cover who is doing something suggestive only to get weird looks at the checkout country.... =/

I'm a huge fan of the genre though, it's a shame to see this is happening. Perhaps Sega should stick to developing games for a single platform since they have trouble with multiple ones. By one platform I mean what they are doing with Yakuza, Shenmue, etc, not "lets pick XXXX console and be second party".

AKS3942d ago

I just lost much of the interest I had in this game. I can't play action games other than Ninja Gaiden with the 360 controller (I really tried with Devil May Cry 4 and it just wasn't working for me; darn those shoulder buttons!!!), and now the PS3 version sounds gimped.

360 to PS3 ports rarely work out. I'm not sure why they took this approach given how so many other developers have struggled with this. Most developers now have individual teams for each platform or start with a PS3 version because porting to the PS3 later hasn't worked out very well, mostly because the RAM of the PS3 is divided into separate pools. It's difficult to account for this after the fact rather than from the very beginning. Most multiplatform games look great on the PS3 these days because developers have figured out that they need to take the PS3's unique architecture in mind from the beginning, but I guess not everyone has caught onto this. Bayonetta may still turn out to be fantastic, but I'm getting increasingly skeptical after reading something like this.

mistajeff3942d ago

I'm with you on the controller thing man, maybe it's just my hands but I can't play action games on the 360 controller. Whenever I picture myself playing a game with a 360 controller, I picture it being a shooter. Although the triggers rest right on the top joint of my index fingers and if I play for more than an hour it starts to rub that area raw.. so I guess the PS3 controller just generally works better for my play style in all games lol