Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Demo Gameplay Videos and Impressions

From PS3 Attitude "The Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 demo is out in Japan and we have gameplay videos showcasing all the modes available to play.

With improved controls, new abilities, additional characters, and new gameplay modes, how does the game hold up?

Is NGS2 worth the wait?"

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RedPawn3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

I saw blood, oh well once you've been fed the same chew toy, I think it would be time to upgrade the formula.

Oh, and playing NG in the arcade & Nin back in day only confirms how late some of you are, to not only care about the excessive violence.

Dellis3940d ago

I got a feeling they can add Blood via option, then again who cares really.

I was expecting the demo to be mediocre but wow its amazing, more fun then sigma 1.