Inside The Digital Toy Factory – Developing To Deadlines

Colin Anderson writes...

There's a reason that magazines still come out on time every month, that major west end musicals can run twice daily for decades and why studios like Pixar can deliver ten hit films in a row. These things are not accidents, nor are they magic. I strongly suspect no ancient rituals were invoked by high-priests at any point in creating these modern day miracles.

We can all achieve this – even within the games industry. But first we need be willing to accept it's not magic, be willing to learn and look outside our own little corner of the world to find inspiration and best practice wherever it can be found. Just looking to other games companies isn't enough – not even Denki! Unfortunately...

If we do, we can perhaps spark an Age of Enlightenment within the games industry and confine thoughts of the creative process as a "Black Art" to the pages of history once and for all.

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