Kojima Productions Gets a Blog

Anoop Gantayat: Hideo Kojima spills a few details on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker trailer.

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sinncross3951d ago

Oh very cool!

Can't wait to see this.

Batzi3951d ago

Interesting. Story trailer with PS2 footage featured. I suppose it's flashback from Snake Eater because that would make more sense. Anyway, can't wait to watch it. Metal Gear FTW!

mistajeff3951d ago


I feel like a girl on prom night. Before drinking too much and spending the last few hours hugging a toilet.

Fanbot3951d ago

lol.... both kojima production TGS09 site and Event09 site show only MGS Peace Walker event / news / adv.

No trace of Rising... this explain A LOT.