OXCGN's Special Edition Games Part 2 'Tis The Big Release Season


"Continuing on from our previous delicious menu of Special Edition games packs being released this AAA season from Part 1, we do have a few more chef specials that we would like to recommend to you."

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gaminoz3945d ago

I'm getting the Black edition of AC2, but the hoodie for the white ed. from JB is really sexy I'm told.

Peter North3945d ago

I have to go to a shoot, see you Bots in a few

gaminoz3945d ago

Nothing wrong with getting it on your platform of choice? The black Tekken hoodie is cooler anyway.

REALgamer3945d ago

I hated the look of the green Halo 3 360, and same with the ODST controller.

I reckon a semi-transparent dark blue controller would have fitted better (and may be a special edition blue 360 too!).

The Assassin's Creed 2 special editions do look awesome I must admit.

Godem3945d ago

I love the green, it looks soo... military

darkmurder3945d ago

I think the ODST controller looks pretty cool!

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