9.0 - Cartoon Violence and Comic Mischief: A Scribblenauts (DS) Review

Have you ever been stuck in a game where you wish you could write in any object of your desire to help you solve that seemingly impossible jump by giving yourself a jetpack? Well the future is now, there's a little game called Scribblenauts that is entirely based on this write in concept; except that the puzzles are quite harder and is aware that you can write in almost anything. Scribblenauts has a vocabulary of over 22,000 objects and items for you to interact with each of them drawn in the scribble style. The visual style of this game can be described as simple, cutesy, quirky and fun. Scribblenauts is a joy to see and experience on the DS.

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Tomarcus3952d ago

This game looks highly innovative.

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