Nier RepliCant trailer released

As announced yesterday, Square Enix released the trailer for the PS3 exclusive Nier Replicant on their Youtube Channel.

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MurderMyDoll5006d ago

I got a very Kingdom Hearts vibe from this, still not really interested in it though, some of the graphics are just strange.

N4G king5006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

i don't know
but i feel that the PS3 version well be out before the 360's
the game engine (used in FF before) is there
and FF13 on the PS3 finished before the 360 version

oh OK
thanks for the update you guys

MurderMyDoll5006d ago

I don't think so, the 360 version is playable at TGS next week.

Abriael5006d ago

They'll be probably released at the same time

GameGambits5006d ago

The art style for the game is great, but often throughout this trailer you see very poorly detailed surroundings. It needs more emphasis on its environments as well as characters looking great. SE has been slow to catch up on that, because they have been constantly dishing out games with no interaction with environments, leaving them very open and bland looking, and never feel right for the games atmosphere.

I am interested in this title more now as it seems different enough from what SE usually goes for. I'm curious how it will pan out.

Oh and SE should really think more before they put out trailers. I like that they showed off in game and great art style choices, but the wording of what the text contained in the trailer was just meh. "He isn't fighting for something like justice"...that's just a stupid line no matter how you analyze it. Hopefully they get some better trailers for this game, because they are leaving poor impressions with what they put out.

ThanatosDMC5006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

SquareEnix + exclusive... i smell something fishy about this. But yeah, looks interesting especially the combat. If it like Kingdom Hearts battle style, im sold. They just need to make it better than KH2.

Though i would rather have a remade Vagrant Stories for that type of gameplay...

kalebgray925006d ago

and i highly highly doubt it will hold a candle to kh or kh2.... the stories on those games where just too amazing

Godmars2905006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

Unless there's something more promising shown, I'm saying that the only thing of note about this game is that the lead chick has something extra under her skirt.

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Kamikaze1355006d ago

Idk, maybe the design choice just isn't in my cup of tea =X

Abriael5006d ago

I actually like it. It reminds me a lot of Yoshitaka Amano, and it's a refreshing change from the overbuff and overmuscled heroes we see lately.

Aclay5006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

The main protagonist in the PS3 version looks like a character that would appear in a JRPG, but Neir in the 360 version looks like this really beefed up guy... and I have to admit, I kinda like the idea of developing separate versions of this game... it's like it gives each version it's own personality.

So far, the game looks kind of average to me, and after doing a little research, this game will be the FIRST game that these developers (Cavia) have made for the PS3. At first I thought that
SquareEnix was developing it, but they are just publishing it.

The only 360 game Cavia has made that was released outside of Japan, "Bullet Witch" is 55 on Metacritic.... after looking at their track record on the PS3/360, my expectations are EXTREMELY low for this game, but who knows, maybe they can pull a Killzone 2.

Kamikaze1355006d ago

360 is an American console and American made games usually have their male characters looks pretty manly

PS3 is a Japanese console and Japanese male characters look like women, minus the boobs and they probably have a penis, but who knows.

Maybe Square-Enix purposely did that, lol.

Whitefox7895006d ago (Edited 5006d ago )

There's a term for it you know: Bishōnen

They used these types of characters a lot in Japanese video games and anime as well probably one your most familiar with is Raiden from MGS 2.

Which they created Raiden because a woman sent an email to Kojima complaining she didn't want to play MGS 2 as an Old Man (Snake wasn't really that old in MGS 2, MGS 4 is another story he still kicked a$$ though :D)

These characters are used generally to appeal to women they are kind of like the Japanese version of Edward from Twilight

BWS19825006d ago

Edward from Twilight appeals to "girls" not women...I get your point, because in America the concept is referred to as metrosexuality or a metrosexual, and it's a very clean kept straight man (I am classed as one myself, I know)...Any woman beyond about 25 usually feels Edward is a bit girly (even Megan Fox said he wasn't her type), and they tend to like an older, metrosexual-type guy, like Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, or Tom Welling type OR....a lot of women here love a rugged guy who looks clean but rugged still, like Hugh Jackman or Jason Statham or Daniel Craig or Vin Diesel. It all depends on culture I suppose, and even then it can vary. I don't know how, but a lot of guys think Angelina is hot, and I find her sickly and too thin, and think Elisha Cuthbert and Scarlette Johannson are far hotter.

ExgamerLegends25006d ago

Both will be playable at TGS so I guess we should just wait for gameplay.

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