Five PS2 Series that Should Be Enhanced for PS3

Associated Content: Sony recently announced that God of War and God of War II will be re-released on the Playstation 3 with enhanced features like improved graphics and added trophies support. The God of War Collection is coming out this holiday season on one Blu-Ray disc. The announcement also opens up to the opportunity for many publishers and developers to bring enhanced Playstation 2 games to the Playstation 3. Here are five Playstation 2 series that should be enhanced for the Playstation 3.

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Isaahc3949d ago

Spot on list all the ps2 game I want to be re-released and enhanced. oh my another one too is ace combat series 4 to Belkan war Zero.

jjohan353948d ago

And I'm certain it will sell millions.

Snoogins3948d ago

Silent Hill
Zone of the Enders
Metal Gear Solid

Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, Max Payne, Yakuza, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy X+ are also series to be considered as well.

ReservoirDog3163948d ago

I'd like Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I'm replaying them and I definitely would buy that. Especially if it has Chain of Memories on the PS2 and the extra stuff they put in the japanese versions of 1 and 2.

I doubt I'm that lucky though.

GameGambits3948d ago

Screw enhanced versions just give all PS3 owners the ability to play PS2 games. It saved costs on the new console versions, but it was one of its best features. That + PS2 downloadable titles off of the store = cha ching!

I'd gladly rebuy plenty of my favorite PS2 titles if I could get them off the store to play on my PS3.

LtSkittles3948d ago

"Screw enhanced versions just give all PS3 owners the ability to play PS2 games."

Actually, enhancing ps2 games could be Sony's way of giving everyone the ability to play them.

rockleex3948d ago

Trophy support
PSN support
native 720p or 1080p support

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CobraKai3949d ago

And that list was more than 5. He bundled Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter, and Ratchet & Clank all in one. Different developers, different games. He cheated.

The Great Melon3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

There's just so many games though that deserve to be upgraded. I personally would love to see anything from Team Ico or Zone of the Enders to to be upgraded. Heck, the whole list and more would make me happy.

Ninji3949d ago


They should me remade, not enhanced. I'm not going to buy PS2 games that are in HD unless they remake it, not remaster/enhance it.

N4GAddict3949d ago

The problem is that remakes costs a lot more money.

Aclay3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I agree with most of these games on the list, especially Z.O.E, Jak/Sly/Ratchet, and definitely ICO/SoTC, but Metal Gear Solid definitely deserves a mention.

I would totally love for MGS2 and MGS3 to be Re-Mastered in HD with Trophies just like God of War, and I'd buy them both again in a heart beat. Boss Battles with The End and The Boss in HD = EPIC.

SquareEnix didn't sound like they were very enthused when they responded to the Re-Mastering of PS2 games (not surprising), but Final Fantasy X and both Kingdom Hearts games Re-Mastered in HD with Trophy Support would probably rake in plenty of cash.

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The story is too old to be commented.