New Colin McRae: DIRT Screenshots

Codemasters has released 20 new screenshots for Colin McRae: DIRT.

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gta_cb4485d ago

not bad, which console version are these taken from?

gta_cb4485d ago

<double post sorry>

so i thought i'd say i especially like this one

kinda funny i thought =)

lil bush4485d ago

your right is that car backwards......

MaximusPrime4485d ago

Since Colin McRae started on Playstation, it should be brilliant on PS3.

As for Xbox 360, well all i can say is "all the best."

Xi4485d ago

last I heard they were using the 360 version for demoing so...

sak5004485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Thanks we really need your support. I'm sure the ps3 ports of Splinter cell, NFS:Carbon, Spiderman 3, Armored Core4, F.E.A.R etc have been so much better that you easily assume the worse for 360.

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