The Two Faces Of Nier's Protagonist

Nier Replicant has an entirely different style than Nier Gestalt. The PlayStation 3 game has androgynous characters (typical Square Enix design) while Nier Gestalt's hero looks more like Conan the Barbarian. The main characters have comparable features so they might be related or, perhaps, are the same character in a parallel universe.

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Peter North3946d ago

Ps3 face is Hi-def, not the same for the Flopbox version

ExgamerLegends23946d ago

This guy is always on duty I see. I personally don't like those super muscular no neck protagonists. But I also don't like those anime whimpy voiced girly men who swear that they don't wear make up.

GameGambits3946d ago

Replicant has a better protagonist choice in terms of art style. I just don't get into over buff dudes for videogame characters. There's enough Gears of War big dudes already.