Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis for the PSP announced

This was missed by most websites, but not Next-Gen.Biz. In their "Square Enix Party 2007" post they wrote that Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis has been announced for the Sony PSP:

"Originally released on Japanese mobile phones, this cute little action-RPG set in the popular FFVII world will finally find its true audience when it's released on PSP..."

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WilliamRLBaker4479d ago

I want another parasite eve game damit!

BlackIceJoe4479d ago

Now that would be SWEET. I loved the games on the PS1. That being said more games for the PSP is always good. I wonder if this means the gme will come out in the US.

Counter_ACT4479d ago

yay :D I didnt care about this game before but now its on PSP ill probably take a look :P

bootsielon4479d ago

PSP might explode with so many Final Fantasy games coming out for it. Unfortunately, they are not main series like the DS ones, but oh well, at least it's something.

lilwingman4479d ago

Brand new games are just as good (if not better) than the redos that the DS is getting -though don't get me wrong, the old-school FFs are still amazing, just making a point.