110° Selling PS3s for (just) Under £390 - This Week Only seem to enjoy dropping Sony's prices, even after an official price cut. Well they've done it again. For this week only you can order a 60GB PS3 from for only £389.99. That's a saving of 35 quid. Very nice, indeed!

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Maddens Raiders4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Abundant blue laser diodes, record setting European / Aussie sales, the reduction of manufacturing costs through outsourcing, and the introduction of Hitachi's 1000GB BD/Recorder seems to be precipitously dropping the PS3 at a rate that even I wouldn't have thought would be here yet. Amazon is able to do this because of the sweet wholesale deals they have made with SCEI, which speaks volumes to the value of the PS3 hardware. Even after all of the stop gap measures to prevent bleeding from financial losses to SNE, the PS3 continues to sell well (obviously - even depsite the pricetag) and LAST, because it is a well R&D'd and manufactured piece of high end electronics. You see the company can demand a slight premium (which is still at a fiscal loss)
because of the reputation of the products quality. This is a very important part to the price-dropping puzzle.

Wonder how soOn we'll see a $300 60GB PS3 as normal sale in the U.S.? I wouldn't mind another.

BrotherSic4486d ago

Sony has nothing to do with the offer. Its purely Amazon's choice.

p.s I thought most places were selling around that price?

sabbath4204486d ago

your thought process is lame.

techie4486d ago

sodslaw. Agreed

And yes they are

Maddens Raiders4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

"sodslaw. Agreed"

to what? where in the hell does Amazon get their PS3's? God?
I wonder if Amazon bought a couple of dozen machines or several thousand, and @ what price were they invoiced? Dealer cost or wholesale? It's called a supply chain and market reaction -- Hint, their not dropping the price out of the goodness of their hearts. It's bloody economics. Now can we stop with all of the c0ck holding?


techie4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

No it's different in the UK. Electronics have a massive mark up on them unlike the US. This means that games are often reduced in price before they are even released. Ie. The recommended retail of Halo3 is £50, but I can get it for £40.

The original price for the ps3 was £425...with quite a big markup, because retailers wanted to get in on the they have realised it's not going to sell, so they have the freedom to price drop and compete with other retailers.

"Now can we stop with all of the c0ck holding?" -careful maddens.

An official price drop has not yet occured.

PSN Starfleets4486d ago

It's still way too expensive. Remember, this is without any games!

I wouldnt pay more than £350 for a PS3 with a game and an extra controller. That's a great deal!

techie4486d ago

You can get it for £390 with free Motorstorm and free getitng there.

PSN Starfleets4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

I dont have a HDTV yet :( I need to save up. Hence why im tight for cash. But 390 is still alot in my eyes.

350 is the maximum I'd spend on a gaming system. I'm a full time student who cant find work at the moment, so i'd be spending my tuition loans on this.

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The story is too old to be commented.