MAG Beta to Total Over 6GBs

Sony is currently sending out codes to Qore subscribers and other Sony fans via email so they may gain access to the ongoing MAG beta, which will run into November of this year. Currently, the download file is around 3GBs of data, but there's a chance this may soon double in size.

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PROFIT3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )


B E Y O N D teh dvduhhhh

well, i guess all those cnet experts were right all along. We dont need bluray for gaming. uncharted 2 would have been fine on 8 dvds

N4G king3950d ago

i really feel sorry for those bots
a game on the xbox = a beta on the PS3

what a pathetic console

darkequitus3950d ago

That is big! Biggest console beta download perhaps. Does not matter if it is worth it. Lets hope there are plenty of bandwidth available.

MattyF3950d ago

This beta will be the ultimate test.

randomwiz3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

I started out downloading the 2.6gb update @ 1mbps, then it quickly turned into a slow speed of 144kbps

too many people downloading it at once!!!!

Harry_Manback3950d ago

I woulda downloaded it when I got the beta code two days ago. Planned on playing it tonight, but its lookin like I'll be waiting til tomorrow afternoon.
Been downloading for 2 1/2 hours, and I'm at 71%.

heroicjanitor3950d ago

They are really pushing boundaries with digital distribution servers. 6GBs is the size of 360 game.

Maddens Raiders3950d ago

good thing I've got a 500GB Slim. Can't wait to play MAG later when I get home.

wxer3950d ago

bluray is still not needed in gaming ?

phosphor1123950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

7.0 mbps downloads..

I'm at 7%...

I started at 4

it's now 9...

At least it'll be fixed by next week =/

Daver3950d ago

I'm stuck at 99%!! nooooo!!

Harry_Manback3950d ago

I'm stuck at 99% too. F this

GameGambits3950d ago

I'm willing to send naked pics of myself to anyone who wants to hook me up with a MAG beta code. :) PM me and I'll PM back. :D

ThanatosDMC3950d ago

6gb... that's more than a PS2 game. Cant wait for them on PSN.

NegativeCreepWA3950d ago

I'm glad I downloaded it while I was at work today.

cmrbe3950d ago

Unless you look like the girl in your avatar i doubt anyone will send you a code lol!.

Chubear3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Graphically, not as I had expected but it does the job nicely. Too used to PS3 exclusive games online looking exactly like their single player campaigns I guess. It has a similar graphics application style to CoD4.

Map in beta is quite large (but it's a 64v64 map). Lots of team work btw squad mates (you HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER OR YOU"LL FAIL), the game lets you play in so many ways and you get a lot of XPs for tactical stuff not just killing.

I was worried about the cluttered looking HUD but when in action, you don't even notice it and it works well for on the go quick references for info you need.

A big surprise for me was the "feel" of the controls. I was expecting something like a cross btw SOCOM & Killzone2 but it's more user friendly, like CoD4. Everything is butter smooth from menu selection to Xter movement etc.

Very deep unlockable system even in the beta. Lets you play as you want to play and voice com is very starkly clear. Not sure if MAG has proxy-chat but I'll find out tomorrow I guess.

All in all, if there's one word I'd use to describe my 3hrs of beta testing today, it would be - FUN. That's the best description I can give the game.

Pandemic3950d ago

This is silly, I reached 1gb and it then froze, I restarted and it started at 0MB's!

wxer3950d ago

"Just remember...
Quality > quantity."

you tell your self that when you talk about "teh salez"

and " teh 360 got more gamez" ( aka shuffle ware )

youre just butt hurt
because the 360 got no games like this
because it cant handle a game like this
bu bu bu teh superior online

wana talk about Quality and quantity ?
well guess what
the PS3 and this game got them both

DaTruth3950d ago

The graphics probably look bad because they have compressed the hell out of the game and left out assets for the beta test; So as, it would not be 25 GB download. It is not a final retail copy!

@WXER: Above is the reason Bluray is needed in games. This is the reason the beta graphically looks bad... Like a 360 game!

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rbluetank3950d ago

i was wondering where in the h#ll is my codes... i just hope they fix all they have to fix by monday!!! i still want to have my code under my pillow as i sleep asap.. i do not want to miss uc2 beta will have to hold me over until then... it is a great time to own a ps3.. i was working over R2/K2/uc2... i am cool until monday;i guess.

5 to 6gb is going to take a long time to download. 1g took 4 to 5 hours for uc2 beta. do anybody know how long this is going to take???

MattyF3950d ago

Hard to predict the time. It'll easily be a few hours, though.

ThatCanadianGuy3950d ago

4-5 hours for U2??

Good god man ! You need to find a new ISP

Aquarius3950d ago

and whom do you suggest?

mcfebras3950d ago

It took me 15 minutes to download the Uncharted 2 Beta.
You really need to find another ISP.

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ThatCanadianGuy3950d ago

Yeah, that pretty much sum's up Halo ODST
Glad we agree on that.

randomwiz3950d ago

are you really so jealous that you have to spam?