AMD finally introduces ATI Radeon HD 2000 series, performance reportedly disappointing

AMD's much delayed ATI Radeon HD 2000 series of graphics processing units (GPUs) has been launched as a challenge to Nvidia's GeForce 8 series which was first introduced in November 2006. However, early reports and comparisons of competing products have concluded, to a large part, that the AMD solutions fall short of expectations in terms of price, performance, and energy efficiency.

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Antan4485d ago

Yeah, im somewhat dissapointed by what ive read. I was expecting a nice bump over the 8800gtx.........Wheres the 1gig xtx version also??

gta_cb4485d ago

follow the link, near the bottom they talk about it, heres a quote.

"Also sources have pointed out that AMD also has a GPU named the 2900 XTX which performs better than the 2900 XT."

Xi4485d ago

supposedly the 65nm ones are blowing away the competition, or at least that's what the inq is saying.

gta_cb4485d ago

hmm not to sure, all it seems to be getting is bad press. maybe they can sort out the problems in another version =)

Cartesian3D4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

HD 2900XT for 400 bucks is a good deal.. same performance (nearly) as 8800GTX and lower price... but some sites reports that XTX version(that use same chip but GDDR4 ram) has some problem in benchmarks ( not so much more than XT version and sometimes lower than that)

I think the main reason for delaying and not reporting XTX(R600) benchmark is what i said..

bootsielon4485d ago

It's an ATI. Obviously it can't beat nVidia, that's why they were bought by AMD (poor AMD, they should have gone for nVidia... but I guess they're worth a price that can't be paid by AMD).

The_Firestarter4485d ago

A Geforce 8800 GTS will be mine this summer. >:)