BLPGaming: Darkest of Days Review

About once a year, there's a game that is so terrible it will be famous for being so bad. BLPGaming thinks they've found the game this year. Darkest of Days is flawed in so many ways that it's impossible to list them all in this review. If only time traveling were real, we could be the hero to go back and stop this game from being made saving people fifty dollars. This is an embarrassment to the game industry.

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Pandamobile3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I've got one of the fastest gaming rigs you can currently get and this game lagged like a motherf*cker on my PC.

Most poorly optimized game ever.

STONEY43952d ago

Same thing here. The only way I could get it to run decently was to dedicate one of my GTX 275s to PhsyX. I don't even get why it's taking so much to run, the game looks like crap. Crysis runs better.

Grin3952d ago

2.1 / 10. its a buy, Right?

RedPawn3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

they should bundle this w/Damnation, that $h!t would sell like hotcakes.

BX813952d ago

The demo was horrible! I thought I was playing an old gen game! The game play was just as bad. My demo lost sound about 2min. into it! This game can only equal one other game as far as being crappy! If anyone has played Damnation you know what I'm talking about!