Activision has no plans for Modern Warfare 2 bundles on PS3

VG247: Activision has told VG247 that there are no plans for a Modern Warfare 2 bundle on PS3.

When asked if there were any bundles including Infinity Ward's shooter in the future, an Activision representative told us: "No, there are no plans, but thank you for asking".

Curiosity got the best of us when MCV asked SCEE if it had any plans for such a bundle and were told: "We've not made any announcements about bundle packs, but will let you know should that change."

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FlipMode4055d ago

I didnt think so They no likey Sony
But TGS is coming, lets see if Sony makes some waves

Megaton4055d ago

It's probably a contractual thing at this point. It's what Microsoft did with Resident Evil 5 as well. Exclusive ad rights, custom console, etc. The 360 logo was plastered all over the place during that MW2 event.

40cal4055d ago

I don't see why the 360 bundle is such a big deal. I mean MW 2 is coming out on both systems. Now, I know that Modern Warfare 2 will sell more units than any other game this year but it still makes for a meh kind of bundle. The ODST bundle seems more logical to me, just like the Uncharted 2 PS3 bundle.

I guess its a good way to push the 250 gig HDD.

Cwalat4055d ago

IMO Activison is at fault, not Microsoft.

If Microsoft buys exlusive ad deal, doesn't that mean PS3 sales of MW2 will decrease like ... ALOT, in favor of SLIGHT increase for 360 version sales?

This is the most stupidest thing a MULTIPLATFORM publisher can do, even though i'm not sure how much money Microsoft pulled out of their asses for this, i'm pretty sure the losses on PS3 side will be more than what Microsoft gave them. Severily hurting the fanbase on the other platforms is not a smart thing to do, ESPECIALLY when COD4 was one of PS3's best selling games.

I'm not sure why publishers do this, for a quick buck in the pocket = huge loss in sales numbers.

This goes to ALL multiplat publishers, because this is hurting the industry really bad.

"The PS3 sales of MW2 weren't high enough, we're going MS exlusive."
- Activision

G3TDOWN4055d ago

Activision doesn't decide.. it's the sony that decides if they want to make a bundle or not !

Sony already has A BEAUTIFUL Exclusive Line up that can make 10 bundles. LOL Activision who the f you think you are ? Making COD4 + 2 DLCS that are called COD5 and COD6 ?

gaffyh4055d ago

This is why I don't think a MW2 bundle is such a big deal...

Because anyone that wants to play MW2, pretty much already bought a console to play MW1. Makes sense for when a game first comes to a console e.g. Halo 3, Resident Evil 5, Yakuza 3, but not so much when it's a sequel to a game that was already on the console.

40cal4055d ago

"ESPECIALLY when COD4 was one of PS3's best selling games. "

And considering Sony just put another 850,000 units in households over the last 2 weeks.

iamtehpwn4055d ago

Who gets a Ps3 for Modern Warfare 2? Will be a GREAT game. Though, can You play it else where. People get Ps3's for GT5, Uncharted 2, killzone 2, littlebigPlanet God of War III, Heavy Rain, and etc.

Cwalat4055d ago


I agree, personally don't care for the bundle, but exlusive ad deals for multiplat games is something i really hate. Doesn't matter how you turn it, in the end it will hurt PS3 MW2 sales. And as much as i think MW2 is just another amped up version of COD4 it's a big title for the gaming industry and seeing it getting low sales for PS3 will hurt Sony probably so that the media hate for PS3 will amp up aswell + will end up in exclusive dlc for 360 versions in the future aswell, and that will give PS3 owners an unfair value of their 60$ paid.

So that's one of the reasons i hate stupid multiplat publishers, they think with their asses and as long as MS whipes it with money they'll keep on doing these stupid deals.

And in all honesty, what dumb fu--k you have to be inorder to purposely hinder the sales of your OWN product in favor of FEW qucik bucks.

zeeshan4055d ago

I think it makes 100% sense. Why would Sony bundle a multiplatform, over-hyped game when they have AAA exclusives of their own that will actually move units. There are BUTTLOADS of exclusive titles that Sony could bundle with PS3. Uncharted 2, MAG, GT5, God of War 3, the list goes on. These tities (excluding mag) have the potential TO MOVE units. Regardless Sony or M$, bundling their consoles with MW2 will NOT move units!

Parapraxis4055d ago

Not surprised, Sony usually packs in 1st and 2nd party games.

wxer4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

its actually pathetic that MS counts on a third party game just to move it console
it shows you that MS cant actually make more 1st party games
all and all
i don't think it'll move that much consoles
because PC, 360 and PS3 owners can play it on their platform
so when anyone goes to buy a console its not a matter of what game now
its the matter of what console
just like always

N2NOther4055d ago

How is MS and IW making a MW2 bundle going to hurt the sales for the PS3 version of the game? Do you have any proof to back this up? COD 4 is the second highest selling game on the system. Pre-orders are through the roof. This game is going to sell incredibly well. The only people that will "boycott" are the irrational fanboys of which there are a minority.

sparced4055d ago

Activision likes money. Microsoft paid for timed exclusive map pack and most likely a bundle deal too.

At the same time their Chief Executive just happens to threaten Sony.

Why would anyone take this bull seriously?

pwnzter4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

that HHG is full of Sh*t.

gambare4055d ago

Sony is way more focused with the Uncharted 2 bundle

IaMs124054d ago

Its a big deal for those who dont have a system and wants it. I know tons of people who like CoD but dont own a system. This is giving incentive to buy a 360 and a game you like thats cheaper in the long run. I showed this to my friend because he wants a 360 and he may consider it. Now if someone wants the PS3 well then get a PS3 then buy the game 65 dollars with tax and its already over $400.

The 360 you get the system 250hdd another controller the game. In the long run its cheaper.

Its giving options people! There are ton of potiental buyers out there and i wouldnt be hearing this stuff if it was on the PS3....

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FlipMode4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Ouch lol, I'm not gonna lie It makes me lol @ all the 360 fans that were all excited about it beating the Slim

Edit below......Slim is still Top 10, 360 fell after less than one day.

Halo3 MLG Pro4055d ago

LOL. The ps3's hottest game is Sega's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Must be pretty slow for you guys.

saint_john_paul_ii4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

"LOL. The ps3's hottest game is Sega's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Must be pretty slow for you guys."

i must applaud you for your stupidity. BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!

you should try harder though, you werent trying with that Troll Comment. Make a better one next time.

i give your comment a 1......out of 5.

LCF4055d ago

Thats pretty much all X360 has coming exclusive next to forza. You starve your user base they eat anything, even a high priced expansion pack. Microsoft still has not given me a reason to hook my X360 up.

Got the feeling MW2 will end up like world at war. Activison sure like milking their franchises.

G3TDOWN4055d ago

you just made xbox 360 fans look even dumber !!!

Wow... Look who PS3 fans are arguing with

You also need to stop playing video games because you eyes are BLIND as """CENSORED&quo t;"""

djfullshred4055d ago

Haha, G3TDOWN. Well if it's any consolation to you, some of us that use a PS3 can read through the dribble, and tell the difference between knowledgable gamers that use a 360 versus clueless fanboys.


anti-fanboy PS3 user. ;-)

IaMs124054d ago

Wow seriously its just a bundle why the hostility folks. Damn i hate fanboys....

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MetalGearRising4055d ago

Modern Warfare 2 is simply made to be experienced on xbox live and you just can't get that excitement on psn. So a bundle for ps3 is just a waist of time.

Pandamobile4055d ago

Call of Duty is meant to be played on PC, as that's where it originated.

Both console versions look like sh1t.

cyborg69714055d ago

Am I missing what the big deal is here? Cause I can just buy the game for all three platforms.

El Botto4055d ago

Their practises are despicable. This is the 3rd CoD thats based on the same 2006 engine they created with cosmetic changes. And they are leeching this crap every year.

And as if thats not enough, the majority of their company are fking xbots and their business tactics are incredibly dirty.

Activision is a piece of shiat company and its time they are going to feel the markets sentiment. Through their profit and loss account.

ZBlacktt4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Negative, Sony has MAG coming out and Activision knows this. You know MAG? The worlds first video game console online game with 256 player's? Maps 10 times bigger than COD? With way way more perks than COD. Where rank means something. So yeah, there is no need for Sony to have Activisions game in a bundle. They have there own.

Nice Avatar too. A spin off Metal Gear with no Snake, ouch bummer. Metal Gear is Snake(s) and Snake(s) only. Anything else is just another game.

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James Bond4055d ago

Activision's greed + Microsoft's greed = $$$Profit$$$

sunil4055d ago

MS at least keeps its greed from making headlines (for the most part) Kotich is making sure we all know he is out to bleed us dry... MS doesn't operate that way...

GiantEnemyCrab4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

This bundle isn't a rip-off when you add it all up. What greed are you talking about? It's not like you can't just buy the stand alone game for both the PS3 and 360.

I don't like Bobby or agree with the nickel and dime tactics MS use but I don't see this bundle as one of them. The Uncharted 2 bundle is also a good looking one this holiday.

36T4055d ago

GEC.. same sh1t , different pile. PS3 fanboys will always be the same. do you agree Flipmode? lol

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