PES 2010 demo now on Live, PSN

Konami has thumped a PES 2010 demo onto the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

There's a PC sampler, too, that can be found on the Gaming Access site.

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barom3413d ago

Man it was a bit too slow for me. Seemed like they're trying to be Fifa a bit too much. I'm quite disappointed but will give it another go. Doesn't seem like I'll be getting a soccer game this year (unless I buy PES 09)

karam3412d ago

The gameplay is much slower
But the game is much faster as there is no loading time
The menu is so new to me, as I got lost in changing the setting

Admiral_Benson3412d ago

Very dissapointed with this years PES demo.

Is it me or has it actually got worse!?

The game looks ugly, plays ugly and the menus are awful. I used to be a massive PES fan but it seems that FIFA has takens it's place for me now.

Wotbot3412d ago

really liked the Demo and for me it plays better then Fifa.

The prefer the graphics as well.