RPGamer: Dragon Age: Origins Impressions

Despite multiple game impressions already posted on RPGamer, BioWare continues to lure them back with all new experiences. For PAX, it was clear that this wasn't your typical demo.

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Gamer_Politics3940d ago

Hmmm....still no console gameplay somethings now right

ReaperXL73940d ago

The game has always had a PC focus, so it's not completely surprising that the console versions havent really been getting a ton of attention.

Keep in mind though that there have been previews/screenshots for the 360 version just not really any videos.

The PS3 version is coming two weeks after the 360 and PC version of the game so thats probably why they are waiting to show off that version of the game.

Hopefully we get a deeper look at the console specifics at TGS, but honestly i'm expecting this to be far better on the PC, with the console versions being dumbed down for a broader appeal.

Bioware doesnt make bad games, so I have no doubt this will be an instant classic.

Gamer_Politics3940d ago

i'm starting to think that myself because the console versions has zero attention everything is pc based

AntoineDcoolette3940d ago

Would you define your impression of "dumbed down"

ReaperXL73940d ago

Well for one, as far as we have been told the mod tools will only be included within the PC version, and none of that content will come to the consoles, so thats a huge downfall for the consoles. (keep in mind I can only go by what has been said in past interviews).

Second is that alot of the more stratigic elements within the controls, and combat are being "Streamlined" for the console versions of the game. To make the game more friendly for console players.

Do not assume that because I said it's going to be "dumbed" down that I'm saying it's going to be bad. It's not always a bad thing to do this, console players expect, and want different things than the people who will be playing this on PC.

Although from all of the forums/sites I have visited, it seems the majority of people who plan on buying Dragon Age are going to buy it on PC. I havent seen alot of excitment from the console crowd for the game.