Sony Shifts Gears with PSP Software

GD: "Here at GDC Austin I was able to attend a presentation sponsored by Sony focusing on some changes coming to the PlayStation Network and the PSP platform. A few of the noteworthy things discussed were the Minis program, the new SenseMe application, and Digital Comics coming to PSP."

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Peter North3953d ago

Sounds awesome for gamers.

Cwalat3953d ago

Bigger development teams could spread out and give the young apprentices a game project for upgrading their skills.

Say perhaps, NaughtyGod, would give 5-8 new employees(young) a project for like 2-3 months to create a 2D sidescrolling Uncharted puzzle game for test only. That would be start of a learning curve inorder to understand development process of a game for the young ones, and a real development process not the usual flash game process, but a more serious one with the ESRB and everything.

I wouldn't mind buying a puzzle-uncharted-2d-sidescroll er for under 5 bucks, no sir i would not mind that at all! =)

cmrbe3953d ago

how much SOny is supporting the PSP. Two of games i would die to have on the PS3 are on the PSP. MGS:PW and VC2. Amazing. I am buying a PSP for these two games.