Head2Head: Marvel – Ultimate Alliance 2

Shawn writes -

This exclusive Head2Head is brought to you by Play N Trade, Lake Mary. This week we got an early copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the Xbox 360 and Ps3, and while it was really hard to stop playing Batman, mind you for the second time through, we decided that it was time to see what the Marvel Universe had to offer. So which version of Ultimate Alliance 2 tag teams its way through the Marvel Universe victorious? Keep reading to find out!

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Sea_Man3951d ago

I agree with the LOT staff. Why aren't 3rd party developers utilizing the Blu-Ray!! It's really disappointing.

Pootangpie3951d ago

It's not the developers fault PS3 hardware is ass and inferior most of there exclusives are way too hyped up in the visual department first you guys say uncharted 1 elimnates the competion seriously Uncharted 1 the game barely looks better then Bioshock and defintly isn't in the same field as COD4 KZ2 isn't mindblowing either only thing it has is bigger textures most of these multiplatform games the PC is the main build it's sony's damn fault for not having the tradiotnal 3 core build like the 360 Xenon


from your comment its ovious that you are the definition of a "gamer" . No need of a dictionary. You seems to have played UNCHARTED and KZ2 and came to your proffesional and unbiased opinion that they dont look better than COD4. I knew that there were better looking games than the PS3 exclusives all what I need was a Gamer like you. /SARC


For the rest


PROFIT3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

putang, the xenon is pu$$Y. where are the games? where is all this power you are talking about? It should have shown itslef already!!! after all, ms had a 1 year head start. y is only ps3 coming out with next gen titles, while you guys play odst.....a GFX ENGINE FROM 2 YEARS AGO

3951d ago
Anon19743948d ago

I'm kinda shocked that there was no mention of that in their graphics section. It was the first thing I noticed when comparing the screenshots.

Just again proving how useless these comparisons are. It all just boils down to opinion in the end anyway. Textures aren't as sharp, but less jaggies. To me, that would at least be worth a mention.

Not the first time I've disagreed with Lens of Truth. Blazblue they said was a tie despite severe control issues on the 360, (the PS3 version had a few seconds difference in load times). In what world do control issues in a fighting game get negated by a few seconds load time?

Also, sometimes they complain about PS3 installs and other times, like Wolverine, they complain about the title not having an install. Make up your mind.

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ArthurLee3951d ago

Wow the PS3 got spanked in this H2H. The games just average though so no big deal. I'll be skipping it anyway.

Kiroe3951d ago

The game doesn't look too bad. Might be worth a rent, I skipped completely over the first one though. Does anyone know if it has 4 player online multiplayer, that would be pretty cool.

Shogun Master3951d ago

Great Head2Head. I'll be renting the 360 version for the weekend.

evildeli3951d ago

I guess no one's gonna buy this, only rent?

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