A tale of two racing games: MotorStorm vs. Gran Turismo for PSP

CNET: In case you haven't noticed, the PSP is getting its game on--or trying to, at least. With a solid software push this year and a revamped PSP Go, Sony's solidly performing yet still second-place handheld is trying to reinvigorate its flagging game library as of late. And, sensibly, the focus is remaining on successful PS2 and PS3 ports. Gran Turismo and, more recently, the MotorStorm franchise have been great examples of first-party Sony success. They're A-level titles, and at last both are making their debut in PSP form in just a few weeks, costing $39.99 and being made available in both UMD and downloadable formats. We received download codes for both titles and gave them a thorough go here at the office, but the results may surprise you.

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randomwiz3945d ago

they both look cool in their own ways.
Things I like on:
GT PSP: "While the casual nature of the races could amount to a nice mobile break from a busy day" [thats all you need in a psp game!!!!!!!]

"The car physics, for realism's sake, are probably second to none on the PSP. Game controls are fluid, and the 60fps gameplay is always smooth. The track selection and car selection is incredibly impressive, especially GT's library of 800 vehicles."

Motorstorm AE: "MotorStorm: Arctic Edge has 10-player races"
"how well the developer, Bigbig Studios, has managed to "port" the PS3 MotorStorm experience to the PSP"

mrv3213945d ago

CNET: Incase you haven't noticed Microsoft haven't released a portable console so the winner of the best portable racing game is Forza 3.

Snake Raiser3945d ago

How can F3 be the best portable game when you said yourself that MS hasn't made a portable version.

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va_bank3945d ago

Doesn't suprise me. So far Motorstorm has been getting better reviews.

I'm a huge Motorstorm fan, so I'm more excited about it than GT. But I don't know if it's fair to compare an arcade racer with a driving sim - I think these two franchises are so different that they probably should be considered different genres of games.

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