How the Caped Crusader saved the superhero genre

When we think back to videogames based on superheroes, very few, if any, gave us the thrill and excitement that should come with taking control of some of the most iconic mutants, spandex-wearing vigilantes, or caped anti-heroes. There always seems to be something missing from the equation. Either the superhero is misrepresented with cheesy one-liners, or the gameplay is so skewed that fighting even the most basic foes is frustrating.

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Transporter473948d ago

cause that is a superhero game and it is awesome

Beast_Master3948d ago

Not to mention Wolverine wasn't bad. The only bad ones where the ones based on the movie scripts like Iron man and Hulk (not ultimate destruction, Spiderman 2.)

I am tired of people calling this game a savior! It is BullS---! because if this was based on the movie "Dark Knight" it would have sucked.. So movie based games are still garbage, Batman didn't change a thing.. you can make a better argument for Wolverine or Spiderman 2, as those belong in the movie license category games.

It works basically bc it is based on the comic and Cartoon. They used all the rules of Movie games and cheated, 1. They had more time to develop. 2. More money, 3. A forgiving publisher 4. only 3 platforms to develop on. This game only made Batman games great not Superhero movie licenced games great.

3948d ago
Tseng VII3946d ago

inFamous wasn't exactly a superhero game if you know what I mean. And we're not talking about movie games either. Wolverine was one of the recent exceptions, drug back down by G.I. Joe. Superhero games are usually just as shallow as movie games, and Arkham Asylum beat the system. That's all PSU is saying here.