MS Xbox World: Sonic & Knuckles Review

MS Xbox World writes: "Do you love Sonic the Hedgehog? Probably not, if your first exposure to his games came after Sonic Adventure. If you're a fan from the glory days of the SEGA Genesis, though, you might remember an interesting little combo cartridge called Sonic & Knuckles, the expansion-slash-standalone game that introduced Sonic's red Echidna rival as a playable character. Sonic & Knuckles is back on the Xbox 360, but after a decade or so since its debut, does it still hold merit as a game worth playing?


As a general rule, a 2D Sonic game is a beautiful mix of speed, reflexes, and platform action, a formula honed during the golden age of platformers. Sonic & Knuckles isn't an exception to this, even though it used a slightly slower pacing to encourage more exploration by using Knuckles' wall climbing ability. The goal remains the same. Finish each level in fewer than 10 minutes, grab as many rings as you can, don't get hit by badniks, and, if you can, snatch up a handful of Chaos Emeralds..."

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