Video of Trusty Bell demo

Namco/Bandai surprises everyone by releasing a playable demo of Trusty Bell (also known as Eternal Sonata), available on the japanese Marketplace of the Xbox 360. Here is a video of the entire demo, in english.

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TheMART4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

I've downloaded this demo on my Jap account (still working!) and the demo is even in English.

I think they meant to be still downloadable as a sort of viral marketing and I must say: it worked for me! I'm not into RPG's that much, but this game has an own style in graphics, and best thing: for people that make music and can read written music it's really fun.

The Japanese gamers will see this as a must buy. Combining this game to other games like Blue Dragon and upcoming stuff like Lost Oddyssey, such growing Japanese made games could make the 360 to come up from 25% of PS3 sales to 50% or maybe 75% if not more then the PS3... Because, let me break it down simply:

which games on the PS3 are there NOW exclusive as Blue Dragon and Trusty Bell are?

@ tehcellownu (below)

Give me a link straight from the developer where they say it's not exclusive. As far as I know it is. The 360 fanbase in Japan is half the PS3 fanbase and the sales are on a steady 25% of the PS3 sales.

For Japan, that's good, because normally the differences are much bigger.

So answer me: which RPG game is there for the PS3 now or any time soon? The 360 has some attracting games for Japanese people with this one added

tehcellownu4265d ago

Trusty Bell is most likely not exclusive.The 360 fanbase in Japan isnt big at all..Blue Dragon did great in its first week in Japan but the sales dramtically sink afterwards.. If Blue Dragon only did decent there what makes you think Trusty Bell will do any different? Some xbox fans here in NA dont even like it..Anyone remember Enchanted Arms? same thing is goin to happen with this game..

Saint Sony4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

We all know 360 does not have big userbase in Japan. Blue Dragon was the first good attempt to fish Japanese people to buy 360. Now that there will be some more nice titles things surely will go better. Not many buys a console just because of 1 title, the more titles the merrier = bigger sales.

gapzi11a4265d ago

You can't really compare Enchanted Arms to Trusty Bell. It didn't do well becuase it was a generic and shallow game. The gameplay was solid enough and there were some neat aspects to it, but the game world was a little generic and the invisible random encounters every 6-8 steps made it difficult to enjoy. Trusty Bell is an original IP that looks to be in a league well beyond that. I think it has a shot at big sales here and in Japan.

Saint Sony4265d ago

This is going to be good, can't wait!... Blue Dragon and this, Halo 3, Forza 2, Alan Wake....I really hope these games come with extra time, because that is only what I'm gona need, spare time to play all these and several more.. christ! :)