What Can Natal Do For Me?

Microsoft's new motion control interface "Natal" was announced earlier this year to both amazement and confusion. Amazement because the system's capabilities are remarkable and unlike anything ever seen before (by a non-now-Microsoft-owned company). Confusion because in many cases, specifically in games, the system has no use whatsoever.

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MetalGearRising3951d ago

Natal (It can do everything).

cyborg69713951d ago

Except play hardcore games.

SixZeroFour3951d ago

no no...i bet it would be able to run hardcore games, its the GAMERS (most of them atleast, i would believe) that wont be able to play hardcore games with it

Gabe EatsWell3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

What can Project Retard do to you? Make you look like a dumb*** just like this:

D4RkNIKON3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

That video is AMAZING! I hope to see fools buying into this just to make me laugh! That is almost better than the girl who plays wii in her underwear.

The Iron Sheik3951d ago

Natal could give you a heart attack Gabe.

D4RkNIKON3951d ago

Oh wow... I know it was a joke but to claim that god ever said "let there be Natal" that is just.. I am speechless.

ATY3951d ago

What else is the to do with old Microsoft copy of Sony's EyeToy technology other than silly and desperate hype.

When Nintendo introduced the Wii and Wiimote. No one was having to write "What Can The Wii Do For Me?" articles.

Nintendo had from day one at E3:

* Working hardware that was demoed live on stage - not the rigged demos Microsoft was caught trying to pass off

* Games. Game people actually wanted to play. Right there on the E3 showfloor. Anyone who wanted to wait in the giant lines could play release quality games with their own hands.

What does Microsoft have. Faked E3 demos. Carefully controlled press access under controlled conditions for hands on testing. No games, just tech demos.

And a whole lot of hand waving about how Microsoft's me-too motion controls 'could possibly work with such and such game or genre'. And then the responses of 'hmm, why would I want to do that?'

Pizzagaki3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

What are you talking about, they released an extender to fix the wii motion.
And you claim the wii motion wasnt crippled?

And the damn thing was called project revolution as well.

I own a wii, and i find that thing the most underused console i ever bought.
Natal can fix what the wii failed to do.

You guys should realize theres a lot of people like me, who bought a 360 and a wii, cuz we want motion controls and hardcore games.
So there is a pretty big market for Natal.

wxer3951d ago

any one that thinks that natal well work better than the Wii mote
i got one thing to say
"BAMM there it is"

the wii mote is a standard
it comes with the console
natal is just an add-on

and what actually amazes me
that the 360 owners
talk and say they got their 360's
just to play "hard core games"
and the wii is just for moms and old PPL and still bash it
yet when natal shown
they act like its better that the Wii
and all of them well buy it

so what happened to the "hard core gaming part"
that's funny
it looks like it just disappeared
just because natal got the name "Microsoft" on it

Pizzagaki3951d ago

Then get a 360, you wont know what happening to you :)
Mass effect, Gears, Halo, Blue dragon, Lost odyssey, Forza, Splinter cell, Alan wake, Fable.

You wont have to miss out on those, and more.

wxer3951d ago

why get something that doesn't work ?
get a wand

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