Japan Now Swimming In DS Lites?

When the DS Lite first went on sale in Japan, it sold out. And then it sold out again. And again. As soon as the product showed up in stores, it was cleaned right out. From late 2005 until April 2007, getting a DS Lite was hard. You had to be lucky. But, is the supply-and-demand problem slowing? Blog Ota-Road points to a flood of Lites that have hit stores in Den-Den Town.

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gta_cb4482d ago

maybe they havnt slowed down, maybe they (Nintendo) have managed to ship LOADS this time =)

gta_cb4482d ago

but still even if it has slowed down, its about 1 and a half years or being the most demanded handheld that it has sold out in japan for that long! pretty darn expensive =)

bootsielon4482d ago

WTF is this talking about? "late 2005 until April 2007, getting a DS Lite was hard." DS Lite didn't come out until 2006.