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TPG writes: "When the developer calls Jump! a surprisingly fun and addictive game, I'm wondering who they asked (or how easily entertained they are). I'm generally very easily entertained, so when I played this game and found it an extreme challenge to stay interested long enough to even write the review, I knew something was wrong with their source. I, personally, had 3 or 4 of my friends play to see if it was just me.

Needless to say, it wasn't."

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CrAppleton3942d ago

Well at least other independant sources confirmed the crappiness quota too.

Haly3942d ago

You have to love the 'Cons' section: boring.
Perfectly put!

Neco5123942d ago

What the hell kind of a game is this anyway?

wondroushippo3942d ago

Looks like PapiJump or Doodle Jump where your character is constantly jumping up to the sky and you have to keep them from falling...

Haly3942d ago

Really doesn't look a good game at all

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