Top 20 Real Time Strategy games of all time

GB Writes: "In this article we will look at some of the best RTS games made, well?ever. The RTS genre is huge. There?s a little something for everybody; whether you want to build or destroy, command epic armies or small skirmishes, conquer the world or take back that resource point. This is what makes the genre so popular- that and the fact that the mouse and keyboard work so well with it. In this feature you will hopefully find your all time favourite?s in the top spots, and will be enlightened to some games that you have never heard of."

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Go Gaming Giant3952d ago

My personal favorite Dawn of War II, great game, the fact that it was Games for Windows Live made it even better

madmonkey03952d ago

games for windows live /puke

my personal favouite would be either red alert 2 or age of empires 3

japanese_dawn3952d ago

Good question. Red alert 2 and Stronghold Crusader. Gotta love both of them. Excellence... ;D

RememberThe3573952d ago

but Warcraft 3 took my life over for two year. I went from Starcraft to Diablo 2, to Warcraft 3. I was such a blizzard fanboy lol.

I still play War3 actually.

ReservoirDog3163951d ago

This is a genre I always wanted to get into but I couldn't see it possible to get into it now. Most of them might be too in depth for a beginner.

Anyone have any recommendations on where to start from?

cryymoar3951d ago

My personal video game of all time is Starcraft.
The competitiveness of that game really interests me more than any other game.
I watch those koreans play every day while i munch in my bedroom.

Also, went to the good will today with a female friend, and found the original Starcraft CD with the key, bought it for $2. I was about to buy a new copy because I wanted to play the campaign again but lost the original CD. So i'm pretty happy right now.

Now if only i could install Starcraft on my PS3 since i'm currently using the K&M on it.
(Yes i know about YDL)

Uzesgelen_Goo3951d ago

CoH, C&C RA2 & Generals, War3, AoE, Total War series,

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gameseveryday3952d ago

what are the next strategy games cmng?

williamkenny3952d ago

My favourite is company of heroes. I loved that game when it first came out and I still play it loads

ThanatosDMC3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Loved CoH. People need to try out Stronghold 2 or Stronghold Legends.

Dawn of War 2 sucked compared to the first.

Age of Empires 3 has nothing on Age of Empires Mythology.

For strategy game enthusiasts, they should try Sacrifice on Steam which is now $9.99. It's different but once you get a hold of everything you'll drool about the possibilities of what a next gen game like it could do.

Homeworld Cataclysm is the best compared to any Homeworld games.

Supreme Commander is king.

shopsmartash3951d ago

Supreme Commander sucked horribly. Great graphics, story, etc, but HUGE glaring bugs in the programming, especially with unit pathing. When i order my fleet to a point, and a quarter of it goes there, and the other three quarters is still sitting at my base literally just spinning circles, there is a BIG problem.

ThanatosDMC3951d ago

I completely agree with you about the path finding especially with the battle cruisers and water experimentals. They took forever to get to where you tell them to go.

But i over look it since i just used air and ground.

Dan GamingBolt3952d ago

good list, but i think you should have included:

Red alert 2 and American conquest, i highly recommend both!!!

williamkenny3952d ago

Yeah red alert 2 was a great game, I remember playing it religiously for a while. But there are so many great rts's, and I only really wanted to post 1 c and c game. I don't know what American Conquest is about though, I'll have a look!

STK0263952d ago

No Red Alert 2 but CnC3 made the list? is this a joke?

Any CnC after Renegade felt like the soul-less compared to the previous ones. Also, I can't imagine a game running on the SAGE would be considered as one of the best RTS of all time. I mean, E:BfD was the first game to use the SAGE (under the W3D name back then) in 2001 and EA still uses it to this day, no wonder we still get blocky vehicules and undetailed infantry in RA3.

gameseveryday3952d ago

what is red alert 2 about?

Dan GamingBolt3952d ago

Americans dont like the soviets, the soviets dont like the americans, and you choose which side you will fight as, simple as that, hehe, you should really play red alert 2 cause its the best one from the series (3 was ok, but it wasn't as good as 2)

BWS19823951d ago

it's the "Allies" which includes practically every nation in the world, even Korea was in the "Allies", but then in multiplayer or skirmishes, the Soviets had allies of their own like the Libyans and the Cubans, etc...

Just trying to correct you since "Allies" wasn't just the US, and I don't want people who never played the game to feel some American dev. created a game about post-cold war bitterness or something. It's not America Vs. anyone really...

Red Alert 2 is my favorite when combined with Yuri's Revenge, top RTS game of all time IMO, and I've played most of them. Still have yet to try Homeworld and the newer Stronghold's...

Dan GamingBolt3951d ago

Yes i know, but it all started with america vs russia.

(the phone call in the intro) =)

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