Konami to make a few announcements at TGS

When Konami initially opened their TGS website, there were five panels for "coming soon" titles. Over time, however, those boxes have been filled.

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Blaster_Master3941d ago

I dont care about anything Konami is doing right now unless it has to do with Zone of the Enders or the new Castlevania. Im burnt out on MGS, and Im even more sick of all the shovelware they have been putting out since last year.

Polluted3941d ago

I think Kojima has too much on his plate atm to go starting another ZOE game. He's overseeing three games that I can think of off the top of my head.

SoIid Snake3941d ago

I only know of MGS: Peace Walker and MGR. What's the third you're thinking of?

usin4203941d ago

Kojima's also overseeing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

foxtheory3941d ago

but I don't think Kojima would be the one working on it. He's already busy as it is.

darthv723941d ago

Or maybe even metal gear rebirth. I like gradius and contra rebirth games for the wii and those two would be welcome additions.

Most likely a ZoE announcement will be made though (hopefully).

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knox3941d ago

an announcement from konami?? im listening

ikral3941d ago

MGS 5 on PS3 is something that just must happen. Sooner, later, but it will come. Might as well be on Xbox also, i dont care.

Batzi3941d ago

Rising and Peace Walker together are MGS5. However, I am still hoping that he announces an exclusive Metal Gear Solid title for PS3 but I highly doubt he will. Don't get your hopes up but I'm all for it. Metal Gear FTW!

Kappa Mikey3941d ago

Where are my MGS4 trophies!!!

DeadlyFire3941d ago

In the Substance/Subsistance type version of MGS4 to be announced and coming soon?

ikral3940d ago

...i want trophies, just finished MGS4 2nd time, need this before next pass.

Batzi3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

I hope they mention something concerning Rising but I highly doubt it because Kojima said that the next info we're getting on Rising is due to next year's E3 but you never know. In any case, a source mentioned that Kojima might be announcing his new game which he was planning to do for a long time. New franchise. Hopefully it turns out to be something great. If it's not Kojima related then meh.

foxtheory3941d ago

interests me. He said that he's been wanting to do it for a long time, and maybe he's been waiting for the best opportunity (this gen). This could (scratch that, WILL) be huge!! If he's excited about it, then you know that there's a AAA title on the way.

Batzi3941d ago

yea man I hope it's Kojima's new IP. Either that or info on Rising. Can't wait to find out.

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The story is too old to be commented.