Half-Life 2: Brand new Alyx model unveiled

FakeFactory published some Cinematic Mod 10 screens for it's upcoming Half-Life 2 mod. Brand new Alyx model inside!

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hay3946d ago

Don't crucify me or something but I think she's fugly and doesn't look like from the same game. Original Alyx looks way better despite lower res textures and probably lower poly count.

Pandamobile3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

No one's going to crucify you. Any HL2 fan would agree with you 100%.

I don't care how many polygons he can squeeze into that face, it's still not Alyx.

(but holy sh1t, that's detailed. You can see her fricking pores.)

Fake Factory has a huge obsession with Adrian Lima too.

TheBand1t3946d ago

Wow, she's fugly in that pic. And her eyes are all googley.

Pandamobile3946d ago

Yea, that seems to be a problem with almost every character in Cinematic Mod.

He's been doing these mods for like 3 yeas, and he still can't get the eyes right.

dragunrising3946d ago

Alyx doesn't even look like Alyx anymore plus they uglified her. The appeal of the original Alyx seems lost on the creators. I seem to remember her being multiracial...not white. This is not to say that her appeal was in being multiracial but being unique. Why do all females in video games have to be "Anglo-ized." This is coming from a white gamer also.

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mirroredderorrim3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

I would rather have original Alyx with better textures. I thought she looked exotic.

ChickeyCantor3946d ago

I remember cossplayer who looked exactly like her in your picture...
This new model is just meh

Raf1k13946d ago

Wasn't a real model used for Alyx?

Pandamobile3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Yes, all HL2 characters were modeled after real people. (this is the case with just about every game, too.)

I scanned those pages from my Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar book.

ChickeyCantor3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Lol the cossplayer on that very picture i saw looked more like alyx than the actual person they modeled. LOL/

ReservoirDog3163945d ago

Haha, that's cool. I knew they were all based on real people but I never saw it before.

On topic though, the guy who's doing this should just give up already.

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Blacktric3946d ago

This is starting to get really really stupid. I mean WHO THE EFF CARES ABOUT SOME LAME MODELED ALYX. I always hated these kind of mods because modders who makes these always change some character at every new release. Whats the point? So if I want to see Adriana Lima as Alyx should I download earlier versions? Or if I want to see the one that looks like a dead horse (like this) should I download that one? What is the goddamn point. Nothing. They're just trying to be look like creative. But no. They're definitely not. No new worthwhile additions only models change and they starting to get more ugly. What's next? Katie Price look-a-like Alyx?

aGameDeveloper3945d ago

Yes, isn't this about the 8th story about the cinematic mod posted on N4G - each installment just a little different from the next?

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3946d ago

Alyx face and body modders are now... just pretty much trying to make the hottest video game girl ever...

zagibu3945d ago

The problem is, that the background story doesn't fit such a supermodel character. Some gamers below the age of 14 might think it's cool, but for everyone else, this just destroys immersion.

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