LA Times: Japanese Dev Shift From PS3 To Wii?

A new mainstream press story on Sony's PlayStation 3, this time from the Los Angeles Times, has quoted a Japanese representative from the IGDA who suggests that many studios may be shifting their focus to the Wii and away from Sony's console.

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ItsDubC4485d ago

I wonder if this news changes Jason xg1's mind or not regarding the lack of 3rd-party Wii support. Keep in mind that this article makes no mention of American developers, so who is to say if the same applies stateside or not.

Kudos to Sony for the 700% increase in BluRay movie sales since the PS3 launch.

Saint Sony4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Many studios is a pretty wide concept. It does not really say what kind of studios.. if those would be tiny 3rd party devs that do mostly little mobile crap, it wouldn't affect Sony much anyhow. On the other hand if those studios would be BIG name studios.. then damn.

scarlett_rg4485d ago

"Committed to PS3 for 10 years"...

... but what happens in 5-6 years when Nintendo (or MS) comes out with its next system that, due to rapid advancements in technology, will blow the PS3 out of the water?

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

snoop_dizzle4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

If Msoft and Nintendo release a next gen system that blows the PS3 out of the water(yes it is possible(maybe not nintendo), we are living in exponential times), the PS3 can still survive, the PS2 did with the original XBOX.

It all depends who has the most amount of games.

Since its a new system, developers might go more towards Msoft, though soon mostly everything will be multi platform.

If we were looking at a historical point of view to judge how the next xbox as to the xbox being released after the PS2(could consider the PS2 being the 360, and PS3 being the original XBOX, in many ways), the one issue there is that there were a lot of exclusives on consoles more so than now and the upcoming years.

So really the PS3 could be very successful, but it could also go the other way due to less exclusivity of games these days. OR it could be an even playing field, as I've heard others say.

Vojkan4485d ago

Folks this is inevitable for now. Wii is selling so well in Japan unlike PS3 so there should be no question marks about this "announcment". Developers want money, they are not "fanboys" so the only thing that matters is money, which is normal reaction.

jam94485d ago

Money. Small Japanese devs are already shifted to DS and Wii because of the cheaper cost for game creation.

Numbers. In Japan, 360 market is bad. PS3 market is also bad. So, not only small devs but also big devs are starting to create games for Wii because of the size of its market.

Many Japanese hardcore gamers believe Wii will not live long since it is even not a next gen console, but casual gamers don't care about the next gen. Maybe we need to wait 2011, the year almost all Japanese people buy HDTV.

rusgreim4485d ago

...Sony will still be committed to the PS3 for an additional 5 years and MS will be releasing their next, next-gen console.

All bad news for Sony...

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