Xbox 360 and Wii orders ramping up, say chip makers

While talk of an early launch of the Nintendo Wii game console circulates in the market, chip makers including, ATI and Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), said orders for their chips used in game consoles, including the Wii and Xbox 360, are picking up

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shotty5455d ago

The xbox 360 has already taken off, the wii is a few months away but what about the ps3. Another Delay?

FamoAmo5451d ago

No doubt the 360 is doing OK in sale but I expect the sales to rapidly increase in the coming months due to hype, games, and a ps3 with crap graphics. Graphics and games sell's consoles and the 360 right now how got them by the balls. The Wii is going to have good sales I think it will be in lots of FAMILY'S living rooms. It seems super fun. I am hoping for the ps3 to come in 3rd!

PS360PCROCKS5452d ago

who knows but if the wii comes out early that would be such a good idea

FamoAmo5451d ago

The early release of the Wii would be awsome. It will do miracles in Japan. Japan is all about the Wii!!